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Puri Boga Satay Takes Canggu by Storm with Its Delectable Move!

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Grilled Food Lovers should know that Puri Boga Satay has moved to Canggu. Puri Boga Restaurant is initially established in Siligita Nusa Dua and is famous for its satay menu. Grilled food lovers, especially Satay, have known this menu for a long time. However, they had lost contact with our restaurant due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our restaurant is temporarily closed due to the pandemic case. But now, our restaurant has reopened, and the location has also moved to Pererenan Canggu.

The presence of Puri Boga Restaurant in Canggu also presents the Satay menu as a menu highlight. This also provides an opportunity for satay lovers to enjoy this delicious dish. Meanwhile, we offer our customers two types of Satay: pork satay and chicken satay. These two Satay are favorites for our customers.

In addition, the existence of our restaurant in the sightseeing area makes it very easy for our customers to find our restaurant. In particular, for those of you staying in the Canggu area, it will be effortless to find us. Likewise, if you are traveling to Tanah Lot, then you will be on the same path as our restaurant. Please find us via Google Maps with the keyword “Puri Boga Restaurant.”

Grilled Food Lovers Must Know: Puri Boga Satay Moves to Canggu

Previously, many of our customers were confused about finding our restaurant in Nusa Dua. This is because we have closed and moved to the Canggu area. Our customers come from various regions in Indonesia, such as Surabaya, Central Java, and Jakarta. Not only domestic customers, but our Satay is also well-known in several market segments such as Japan, Asia, and Europe. We realize Satay is a famous and favorite food in Bali and Indonesia. This typical Indonesian dish is legendary, and many people love it. It tastes delicious with a distinctive aroma of spices and makes people addicted to tasting it.

Puri Boga Satay is the name given by our customers themselves. Because our restaurant provides a Satay Menu with special spices that are different from other Satay in Bali. The most famous Satay in our restaurant is Pork Satay. The taste is delicious and juicy with a delightful aroma. We also provide Satay made from chicken meat for those who don’t eat pork. Our customers call it Chicken Satay.

Before the pandemic, our Satay was very famous, and now we are back in the Canggu area with the same taste as before. For grilled food lovers, you must know our restaurant. Warung Puri Boga Restaurant is the name of our restaurant. We are standing in Banjar Tiying Tutul, Tumbak Bayuh Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency, Bali.

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Puri Boga Satay Grilled Satay Canggu

History of Puri Boga

The famous story of Puri Boga Satay originates from the cooking skills of a woman named Sri Suhendri. He has Chinese blood from the Tan clan and has cooking skills. Sri is a cook who is an expert at cooking Indonesian dishes, including Nasi Goreng, Capcai, Satay, etc. There is no doubt about the food. Each dish has a high taste and aroma. So, he has many customers who like Indonesian food. Satay is the favorite menu for customers. So, she is often called Ibu Satay. Until now, she is often called Ibu Satay or Mama Sate by her customers. Likewise, he also founded a satay supply company under the name Puri Boga.

Furthermore, Puri Boga has supplied Satay to five-star hotels such as Bali Padma Resort and Makan Place Restaurant in Legian. This company is the only supplier that provides Satay to the company. So, Puri Boga Satay has been recognized by well-known restaurants, and even five-star hotels use Satay from Puri Boga.

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Sri Suhendri Ibu Puri Boga Satay

Meanwhile, Warung Puri Boga Restaurant is our only restaurant in front of The Tunjung Boutique Resort hotel. Our restaurant provides a satay menu that is full of taste. For those of you lovers of grilled food, especially Satay, you must come to our restaurant. We open this Satay menu for lunch and dinner. We also open online Satay orders through Gofood, Grabfood, and Shopee Food. You can order it via our website or WA if you are close to our hotel or our restaurant. We will deliver our Satay to your address.

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