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Spa Massage

Our Massage Spa offers a variety of massage treatments to rejuvenate your body and soul. We have worked with third parties to provide massage treatments you can enjoy at our resort. They are skilled and experienced massage therapists who will make you relax and refreshed. Your outdoor activities while in Bali will make you feel tired and bored. Therefore, enjoying relaxation by restoring your body fitness through our massage treatment is a good idea. You will soon enjoy our spa treatment with very simple steps to contact our receptionist. You can enjoy the treatment in your room. Or in public areas such as beside the swimming pool while enjoying the tropical air.

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Spa Massage Menus

Body Scrab45 Minutes


A body scrub is a body treatment known as a facial for the body. The body scrub hydrates the skin, leaving the skin looking and feeling soft. This treatment will replace your dead skin cells with new ones. So, your skin will look healthy. This treatment will take 45 minutes with friendly and experienced therapists.

Balinese Massage – 60 Minutes


Balinese Massage will take you to a sensation of traditional Balinese massage. This massage combines techniques such as acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy into one session. This massage is for relaxation because it will relax the muscles and reduce pain. You will enjoy this massage for 60 minutes with a soft and fragrant oil scent.

Reflexology – 60 Minutes


A combination of traditional and reflexology massage focuses on pressure on the spots of body blood circulation, which are located on foot. This treatment can balance the nervous system or help release chemicals such as endorphins to reduce pain and stress.

Massage Package

Body Massage and Scrub – 90 minutes


A perfect combination of spa massage to restore your body fitness. At the same time, this treatment can also relieve stress and pain in your body. This massage package treatment is a favourite for every guest who wants to enjoy relaxation. Balinese massage using traditional massage techniques with the aroma of fragrant oils will make you calm and relaxed. Similarly, the therapist has experience touching his hand on tense and stiff muscles. So, it will make you comfortable.

Moreover, you can also enjoy a scrub treatment that restores your skin to fresh. This treatment will remove your dead skin cells and slowly replace them with new ones. The total duration of this spa treatment is 90 minutes. So, this spa treatment package you shouldn’t miss if you stay at our resort.

Body Massage Treatment
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