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Deluxe Room Long Stay Offer

Escape to ultimate luxury with our Deluxe Room Long Stay Offer at Tunjung Boutique Resort. Our Deluxe Rooms epitomize opulence and sophistication, offering a haven of comfort and style. Situated amidst the enchanting surroundings of our resort, this exclusive long-stay package invites you to immerse yourself in a world of elegance and relaxation. Experience the epitome of hospitality and unwind with breathtaking views, impeccable amenities, and the promise of an extraordinary retreat at Tunjung Boutique Resort.

Deluxe Room Long Stay Offer

Experience extended stays in Bali with our Deluxe Room Long Stay Offer at The Tunjung Boutique Resort in Canggu. Ideal for weekly and monthly stays.


Prices start at: Rp3,850,000 for 7 nights

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