How To Get The Tourism Levy?

The Tourism Levy will take effect immediately in February this year.

Bali implements a tourism levy to develop and maintain its tourism infrastructure. It will create a sustainable environment and support local communities. In this case, every tourist plays an active role through the Tourism Levy. This program will have a positive impact on Bali tourism in the future.

The government implemented the Tourism Levy on February 14 2024, as part of Bali’s journey towards sustainable tourism. Taxes are also a form of joint investment in maintaining the beauty and balance of this island. Apart from that, the government hopes tourists can support this program to create superior Bali tourism.

The Impact on Tourism Development

The Tourism Levy functions to improve tourist facilities and provide a positive impact on the local community. Implementing the program affects increasing income and regulating the number of tourists. Furthermore, from this program, the government can control the tourism growth rate, reduce negative environmental impacts, and preserve local culture. Therefore, the program not only helps finance tourism development but also adheres to the concept of sustainability in managing the tourism industry in Bali.

The validity period of the Tourism Levy in Bali will significantly determine the success of this program. By charging this fee when tourists arrive, the government can raise the necessary funds while providing visitors with an understanding of their positive contribution to the development and preservation of the tourist destinations they enjoy. Therefore, implementing the program must receive attention from tourists to run well.

How to Apply Tourism Levy?

Tourists can apply for Tourism Levy via the official website or the Love Bali Application. This app comes in five different languages: Mandarin, English, German, Korean, and French. After logging into the platform, tourists fill in personal data such as passport number, name, email and arrival time. Then, in the next step, tourists can choose the payment method that is most convenient for them. Finally, tourists will receive a Retribution Voucher in their email and can scan it at the Checkpoint. The Tourism Levy charges IDR 150,000 for each tourist who comes.

Application procedures in various languages make it easier for tourists to fulfil Tourism Levy payments. All stages aim to support the government’s efforts to maintain and improve tourism facilities and services in Bali. In this way, the government and the tourism industry hope the program will run according to expectations.

Discover the Best Hotels Near Tanah Lot Bali

Hotels Near Tanah Lot are an accommodation option for tourists on vacation in Bali, especially in the western part of the island of the gods. Currently, there are not many hotels that we can find in the Tanah Lot tourist area. However, this area, close to tourist attractions, already provides many choices of hotels, villas, and other accommodations. One area that is currently developing is Canggu. This area is very famous and a favorite for foreign and domestic tourists. Canggu is famous for its exotic beaches, nightlife at world-class beach clubs, and culinary locations.

Canggu provides many choices of hotels, from expensive to cheap. Meanwhile, budget hotels dominate accommodation choices in this area. One of them is the Tunjung Boutique Resort. A resort located in Tumbak Bayuh Village, part of the Canggu area, provides 21 elegant and comfortable rooms. In addition, our hotel offers friendly service and international standard guest facilities. Friendly service from all of our employees will make guests feel comfortable staying at our hotel.

Our hotel is close to Tanah Lot and Tabanan City.

Tanah Lot is a famous tourist attraction worldwide with extraordinary natural scenery. This tourist attraction is a tourist destination but not many hotels have been established in this area. Meanwhile, our hotel is very close to Tanah Lot. It only takes 10 minutes to go to this worldwide tourist area. Likewise, our hotel is also close to Tabanan Town. It is only 20 minutes by vehicle.

In addition, The Tunjung Boutique Resort is also close to the cities of Denpasar, Seminyak, and Kuta. So, this is one of the advantages of our hotel, which is close to everywhere. Likewise, our hotel is outside the crazy traffic jam area of Canggu. So, many tourists like to stay at our hotel.

Our hotel is precisely located in Tumbak Bayuh Village. A village that continues to grow with tourist facilities along the way. Local people are building this area massively, including hotels, villas, restaurants, boutique shops, beauty salons, etc. So, this area will become a tourist area with complete tourist facilities.

Budget Hotels Near Tanah Lot

The Tanah Lot area continues to grow, with many hotels and villas along the road from the Canggu area to this tourist attraction. Various factors cause the tendency of tourists to choose accommodation in the western part of the island of Bali at this time. These include the fact that this area has beautiful nature and exotic beaches with spectacular sunset views. In addition, many of the beaches are ideal for surfing and are comfortable, quiet, and secluded.

On the other hand, budget hotels have dominated the western part of the island of Bali. One of the Budget hotels near Tanah Lot is the Tunjung Boutique Resort. Our hotel is only 20 minutes from Tanah Lot. Apart from that, there are several other budget hotels in the Pererenan area that you might be looking for. However, our hotel is ready to accept all types of guests, whether single travelers, families, or couples. Our hotel offers comfort and is away from the noise of nightlife. The atmosphere around our hotel is also synergized with the culture of local Balinese people who are friendly and full of smiles.

Puri Boga Satay Takes Canggu by Storm with Its Delectable Move!

Grilled Food Lovers should know that Puri Boga Satay has moved to Canggu. Puri Boga Restaurant is initially established in Siligita Nusa Dua and is famous for its satay menu. Grilled food lovers, especially Satay, have known this menu for a long time. However, they had lost contact with our restaurant due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our restaurant is temporarily closed due to the pandemic case. But now, our restaurant has reopened, and the location has also moved to Pererenan Canggu.

The presence of Puri Boga Restaurant in Canggu also presents the Satay menu as a menu highlight. This also provides an opportunity for satay lovers to enjoy this delicious dish. Meanwhile, we offer our customers two types of Satay: pork satay and chicken satay. These two Satay are favorites for our customers.

In addition, the existence of our restaurant in the sightseeing area makes it very easy for our customers to find our restaurant. In particular, for those of you staying in the Canggu area, it will be effortless to find us. Likewise, if you are traveling to Tanah Lot, then you will be on the same path as our restaurant. Please find us via Google Maps with the keyword “Puri Boga Restaurant.”

Grilled Food Lovers Must Know: Puri Boga Satay Moves to Canggu

Previously, many of our customers were confused about finding our restaurant in Nusa Dua. This is because we have closed and moved to the Canggu area. Our customers come from various regions in Indonesia, such as Surabaya, Central Java, and Jakarta. Not only domestic customers, but our Satay is also well-known in several market segments such as Japan, Asia, and Europe. We realize Satay is a famous and favorite food in Bali and Indonesia. This typical Indonesian dish is legendary, and many people love it. It tastes delicious with a distinctive aroma of spices and makes people addicted to tasting it.

Puri Boga Satay is the name given by our customers themselves. Because our restaurant provides a Satay Menu with special spices that are different from other Satay in Bali. The most famous Satay in our restaurant is Pork Satay. The taste is delicious and juicy with a delightful aroma. We also provide Satay made from chicken meat for those who don’t eat pork. Our customers call it Chicken Satay.

Before the pandemic, our Satay was very famous, and now we are back in the Canggu area with the same taste as before. For grilled food lovers, you must know our restaurant. Warung Puri Boga Restaurant is the name of our restaurant. We are standing in Banjar Tiying Tutul, Tumbak Bayuh Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency, Bali.

puri boga satay, balinese satay. bali sate, canggu satay
Puri Boga Satay – Grilled Satay Canggu

History of Puri Boga

The famous story of Puri Boga Satay originates from the cooking skills of a woman named Sri Suhendri. He has Chinese blood from the Tan clan and has cooking skills. Sri is a cook who is an expert at cooking Indonesian dishes, including Nasi Goreng, Capcai, Satay, etc. There is no doubt about the food. Each dish has a high taste and aroma. So, he has many customers who like Indonesian food. Satay is the favorite menu for customers. So, she is often called Ibu Satay. Until now, she is often called Ibu Satay or Mama Sate by her customers. Likewise, he also founded a satay supply company under the name Puri Boga.

Furthermore, Puri Boga has supplied Satay to five-star hotels such as Bali Padma Resort and Makan Place Restaurant in Legian. This company is the only supplier that provides Satay to the company. So, Puri Boga Satay has been recognized by well-known restaurants, and even five-star hotels use Satay from Puri Boga.

sri suhendri, puri boga, ibu puri boga, mama puri boga, ibu sate, puri boga satay
Sri Suhendri – Ibu Puri Boga Satay

Meanwhile, Warung Puri Boga Restaurant is our only restaurant in front of The Tunjung Boutique Resort hotel. Our restaurant provides a satay menu that is full of taste. For those of you lovers of grilled food, especially Satay, you must come to our restaurant. We open this Satay menu for lunch and dinner. We also open online Satay orders through Gofood, Grabfood, and Shopee Food. You can order it via our website or WA if you are close to our hotel or our restaurant. We will deliver our Satay to your address.

Where to Stay in Canggu Away From Crazy Traffic and Loud Noise?

Where to stay in Canggu is a common question for tourists in Bali. The Canggu area is one of the favourite tourist areas in Bali and provides everything tourists need. Canggu has been famous since this area developed into a tourist spot, especially establishing a beach club with a fantastic ocean view. Meanwhile, the waves along the coastline are big and good for surfing. The waves are not only for pro surfers. Even beginners are also suitable for this spot. So as a result, Canggu became a favorite place for surfers.

The tourism development in the Canggu area has impacted the local community’s social and economic life. Thousands of people come to this area to provide guest services as employees of restaurants, hotels, bars, and shops. Besides that, many tourists come to enjoy the atmosphere of Canggu, with its exotic beaches and spectacular sunsets. Thus, crazy traffic jams are unavoidable. Sections of the road are unable to accommodate vehicles. Moreover, public transportation is also not available, making congestion conditions worse.

Many tourists complain about this condition and want to escape uncomfortable situations. Then the question is where to live in Canggu, away from the crazy traffic.

Sound System Noise Interference

Apart from the crazy traffic jams in Canggu, the noise from the sound system from the beach club also makes tourists uncomfortable. Travellers have complained about this, which cannot be avoided because it is a choice. Not all areas in Canggu are affected by the noise. Only hotels close to nightclubs have an impact.

So, these two things become problems now that have no solution. Tourists can choose other places in Canggu far from traffic jams and noise because not all areas in Canggu are full of noise and traffic jams. Currently, tourists can choose a place to stay in the Canggu area. Those who like the glitter of night parties will select hotels close to beach clubs, such as the Berawa and Batubolong areas.

canggu crazy traffic, traffic jams, canggu traffic, where to stay in canggu, stay in canggu
Canggu Crazy Traffic Jams

Where Should Tourists Stay in Canggu Away From Crazy Traffic and Noise?

The Tunjung Boutique Resort adalah salah satu hotel di area Canggu yang jauh dari kemacetan gila dan kebisingan. Hotel kami memiliki 21 kamar yang elegant dan nyaman dengan sebuah swimming pool. Kami juga memiliki sebuah restaurant Warung Puri Boga menyediakan makanan Eropa, Asia, dan Indonesia. Internet di hotel kmai gratis untuk tamu-tamu yang menginap dan mereka bisa mengases di seluruh area hotel. Jadi, hal ini menjadi alasan kenapa banyak wisatawan memilih hotel kami dan betah menginap di sini.

The Canggu area consists of several villages with reasonably large sizes. This area includes Berawa, Batubolong, Tibubeneng, Pipitan, Pererenan and Tumbak Bayuh. The famous crazy traffic jam areas in Canggu are Tibubeneng, Short Cut, and Pipitan. So this makes it difficult for us to access the Berawa and Batubolong areas. In addition, the noise that tourists complain about in Canggu occurs in Berawa and Batubolong.

So other areas in Canggu far from noise and traffic jams are Pererean and Tumbak Bayuh. This area is not as famous as other areas in Canggu, but tourist facilities are available. Many hotels, villas, and homestays in this area are alternatives for tourists. Likewise, restaurants and coffee shops are also open, offering international menus. In addition, the quiet and comfortable atmosphere is the main point for tourists to choose this location.

Alternative to Stay in Canggu

The Tunjung Boutique Resort is one of the hotels in the Canggu area, far from the crazy traffic and noise. Our hotel has 21 elegant and comfortable rooms with a swimming pool. We also have a Warung Puri Boga restaurant serving European, Asian, and Indonesian food. The Internet at our hotel is free for guests who stay, and they can access it in all areas of the hotel. This is the reason why many tourists choose our hotel and enjoy staying here.

tumbak bayuh, empty road canggu, canggu less crowd, canggu free of traffic, canggu traffic
Tumbak Bayuh Canggu Free of Traffic

Hotel Room Prices in Canggu

The prices for hotel rooms in Canggu are very relative and affordable. This is because the hotels in Canggu consist of various types of hotels. Small hotels have dominated this area at affordable prices. This is one of the reasons tourists choose this area to stay during their holidays in Bali.

Apart from cheap and affordable daily rates, many hotels also offer prices for long-stay guests. Tourists who stay long in Bali can choose hotels with monthly fees. The price is very cheap and affordable, but some services are not included in the price, such as breakfast.

For example, our Tunjung Boutique Resort hotel offers monthly rates for specific periods. Our daily hotel rates include breakfast, but the monthly rates are not. This aims to give our guests the freedom to choose their meals at our hotel. We also provide a restaurant with an à la carte menu so that they can choose according to their tastes.

So, what do you think about those who want to stay in the Canggu area? You can select the place you like but still can access tourist spots.

Discover Top 5 Tourist Visits Bali Until March 2023, Australians Lead

Until the end of March 2023, 370,832 people visited Bali. According to the Central Statistics Agency’s (BPS) records, tourists from Australia led other countries to visit this island of gods. 89,783 tourists from Australia have visited Bali. Head of BPS Bali Endang Retno Sri Subiyandani explained that this figure had increased by 13.51% compared to February 2023.

Meanwhile, tourist visits from other countries followed in second place, namely India, with a total of 28,167 tourist visits. In third place are tourists from Singapore, with a total visit of 21,003 people. Similarly, in fourth place are the British, with 20,775 people. And the fifth is Americans, with a total of 20,360 people.

Data on tourist visits to Bali until March 2023 has increased from the previous year. This is due to the improvement in Bali’s condition since the COVID-19 pandemic, which closed the borderline for tourists.

Entrance for International Tourist Visits Bali

Foreign tourists arrive in Bali through two international entrances: Ngurah Rai Airport and seaports. Bali has several seaports, including Benoa Harbor, Padangbai Harbor, and Celukan Bawang Port. The entry of tourists through sea ports was recorded at 3,742 people, which decreased by around 42.55%.

Meanwhile, we can see an increase in foreign tourist arrivals. Singaporean tourists increased by 69.41%, and foreign tourists from the Middle East rose by 41.68% to 3,185 visits.

Decreased Room Occupancy

It is ironic that, amid an increase in foreign tourist arrivals, the occupancy rate of hotel rooms or hotel occupancy in Bali in March 2023 decreased by 1.21 points to 40.01%. Tourists stay in star-rated hotels for an average of 2.417 days. Meanwhile, the average stay for non-star hotel guests is 2.30 days.

On the other hand, tourists from Russia are no longer included in the list of the top five tourists visiting Bali. This may be the impact of the war situation between Russia and Ukraine. Likewise, many tourists from this country commit acts against the law, and the Indonesian government has deported them. However, Russian tourists have dominated coming to Bali before.

tourist in bali, tourist visits bali, bali tourism
Tourists at Kuta Beach

Impact of Declining Arrivals of Russian and Ukrainian Tourists to Bali

The decline in Russian and Ukrainian tourists to Bali has significantly impacted room occupancy in Bali. They generally like to stay at Canggu Hotels and Pererenan Hotels. Likewise, the length of stay of tourists from this country is quite long. Their average stay is one month or more. This certainly has a good impact on hotels in Canggu.

As with our hotel, The Tunjung Boutique Resort, Russian and Ukrainian guests loved staying at our hotel because our hotel is located in a safe and comfortable place, away from the crazy crowds and traffic jams in Canggu. Meanwhile, we offer affordable room rates so they stay home at our hotel. Currently, the room occupancy in our hotel has changed. Previously, many Russian tourists dominated the room occupancy in our hotel, but now they don’t dominate anymore.

This also has the same impact on hotels in Canggu and Pererenan. Almost all occupancy of hotel rooms, villas, and homestays from these two countries has declined.

The Discourse of the Governor of Bali Limiting Tourist Visits Bali by Giving Quotas

The Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, plans to limit tourist visits by giving quotas. This is closely related to the actions of tourists in Bali who have caused trouble. They have done things that violate the laws and customary rules in Bali. Some have done illegal business that does not follow their residence permit.

The Bali government plans to limit tourists visiting Bali to avoid similar incidents. So, the government will filter which tourists can visit this island. Those visiting Bali must not cause trouble, respect local culture, or violate a residence permit.

Previously, the government allowed tourists to visit Bali with a VOA (Visa on Arrival). However, many of them have abused the residence permit. Indonesian Immigration has deported 101 foreign tourists until March 2023. Most tourists are from Russia, and the rest are from other countries. In addition, many foreign tourists are currently under criminal law because they have violated the law in Indonesia. However, the plan to limit tourists is still under discussion with the Bali provincial government. Of course, they will see both sides and the impact that will arise.

The Tunjung Boutique Resort’s Staff Gears Up for an Exciting Cooking Class Competition

The Cooking Class Competition is an exciting event for groups with cooking challenges according to recipes. An event, whether it’s a big event or a small event, requires careful preparation to carry it out. Why is it necessary to prepare? We prepare to prevent unwanted things that lead to an event’s failure. All parties involved in the event must participate in the preparations made for the success of the event. Officers or staff, appointed based on their abilities and skills, are involved with all parties. Preparation is the primary and most crucial thing before carrying out an event.

The Tunjung Boutique Resort is doing the same in preparing for the Cooking Class Competition event on April 22, 2023. This time, the Tunjung Boutique Resort is organizing a cooking class event. The cooking class event is a cooking competition for Balinese specialities. We will divide the participants into several groups. Each group will compete to make delicious Balinese food, and the group that gets the most points will be the winner.

Preparations by The Tunjung Boutique Resort began by checking the event’s location. We will need these tools for the event and for giving directions to the staff involved in this cooking class competition. Rimba Lawn By Ayana will host the cooking class competition with 42 participants.

cooking class, balinese cooking class, cooking competition bali
Bali Cooking Competition Event – Preparation

Preparation For the Cooking Class Competition

After checking the location and preparing the necessary tools, it is complete. The next step is to brief the staff about the Cooking Class Competition. The briefing on the Cooking Class Competition event includes procedures for using good kitchen tools. It also includes communicating appropriately with participants and the staff’s duties during the event. On the other hand, the manager gives directions regarding skills and tasks. This briefing also motivates them to be more enthusiastic about the activities later. The staff involved will become facilitators for the participants so that they can master the cooking class competition. The team must also be able to encourage participants so that other participants become cheerful and happy to participate in this event.

This training expects that we will be able to reduce existing deficiencies. The implementation of this briefing is also to make the staff on duty later become professional staff with the abilities and skills they have to give an excellent impression to the participants of the Cooking Class Competition.

Discover the Mystical Besakih Temple Ceremony: a Month-long Hindu Ritual in Bali

The Besakih Temple ceremony is the most significant Hindu ritual ceremony in Bali and lasts almost a month. This ceremony is a type of Hindu religious ceremony involving all Hindus in Bali. Meanwhile, the peak of this ceremony takes place from April 5 to April 26, 2023. The Balinese know this ceremony as Betara Turun Kabeh (Balinese). A ceremony depicting all the gods and manifestations of God is held at the Pesamuan Agung (Long Bale Building) in Besakih Temple. They unite to give grace to their people. For this reason, all Hindus offer devotion to God. The Balinese carry out this ceremony yearly on Sasih Kedasa (the tenth month according to the Balinese calendar).

Meanwhile, Besakih Temple is the largest temple complex on the island of the gods. In this temple area, there are many temples to worship the Balinese’s ancestors. Thus, the Balinese know that Besakih Temple is a complex of ancestral temples or Mother Temples. In addition, we can also find a temple to worship God. The Balinese see this place as Penataran Agung, in the middle of the Besakih temple area.

Location of Besakih Temple as Mother Temple

Besakih Temple is located at the foot of Mount Agung, the highest mountain on the island of Bali. This volcano erupted in 1963, killed thousands of people in Bali, and devastated several areas in Karangasem Regency. Furthermore, Besakih Temple is located in Besakih Village, Rendang District, and Karangasem Regency. We must travel 2 hours to get to this temple from Denpasar City.

Of course, because of its location in this mountainous area, this temple always has cool temperatures during the day and cold temperatures at night. Sometimes, fog covers the entire scope of this temple. The area is tranquil, the air is superb, and the beautiful scenery makes this an ideal place for meditation.

besakih temple, hindu temple, besakih bali
Besakih Temple – Mother Temple Bali

The Besakih Temple Ceremony Becomes an Interesting Tourist Place to Visit

The Hindu ceremony at Besakih Temple is a unique ritual to see. This is a tourist attraction that you should not miss when visiting Bali. You will see that Hindus throughout Bali flock to worship their ancestors at this temple. In addition, you can find a series of unique ceremonies with classical dances. However, every tourist who wants to visit this place must follow the rules of the Besakih temple. These regulations include paying for entrance tickets, using the services of local guides, and wearing sarongs.

Meanwhile, the arrangement of this temple area has experienced significant progress. The Indonesian government has built public facilities such as parking, access, and shuttle buses. All of that aims to provide comfort for Hindus and tourists when visiting. President Jokowi also inaugurated this facility last month.

Eid Holiday: Bali Will be Full of Domestic Tourists From D-7

Eid Holiday is the biggest holiday for Muslims worldwide, including in Indonesia. This year’s Eid Day falls on April 22-23, 2023. As usual, domestic tourists come to the island of the gods for holidays with their relatives and families. Their arrival will certainly fill tourist attractions, hotels, and restaurants. This time, they are predicted to come to Bali from D-7. Of course, this will sharply increase hotel occupancy in Bali during that period. For those of you who haven’t booked a hotel room yet, it’s a good idea to make a reservation soon. Otherwise, you will have difficulty getting the room you want.

Eid Holiday Make Hotel Full Booking

Generally, domestic tourists who visit Bali do not book rooms in advance. They make hotel room reservations at the last minute. Thus, they often experience problems in finding the desired hotel room. On the other hand, there are already many hotel rooms, villas, and homestays. However, the arrival of many domestic tourists during the same period will make hotel rooms full of orders.

As per our experience on the last Eid holiday, we received many hotel orders suddenly, but we couldn’t tamper with them. The city humbly rejects the order because our hotel occupancy is full. So, they have to go here and there looking for a hotel room until late at night. Of course, this is a warning to other tourists on vacation during that period. You don’t have the option to seal the hotel room right away if you don’t want to find yourself in trouble that day.


Transportation, Restaurants, and Other Tourist Attractions Are Urgent Bookings

Not only booking hotel rooms, other activities also showed a drastic increase in bookings. For example, regarding transportation, it will be difficult for you to find vehicles that are free during this period. They had already booked it during that period. Likewise, restaurants and other tourist attractions have already had high bookings. So, you have to order now.

The arrival of domestic tourists is a blessing for the Balinese. Domestic tourists come with their families for holidays to Bali. Of course, this will create a lot of transactions which, in the end, will make a lot of profit for the people of Bali. Bali’s economy will increase with the arrival of these domestic tourists. They will revive the tourism sectors, which had dimmed during the pandemic.

Which Hotels in Bali Still Have Rooms During the Eid Holiday Period?

Most hotels in Bali have accepted bookings for the Eid period. So, the average hotel occupancy is already high, and several other rooms are left. You can search for it directly on Google or other hotel booking applications.

Meanwhile, The Tunjung Boutique Resort still has several vacant rooms during this period. You can contact our reservation at or via WA Chat at +62-81246645640. You can also contact us through our website at

8 Crucial Things Tourists Must Avoid in Bali – Travel Guide

The 8 crucial things tourists must avoid in Bali are important messages and travel guide for them. This is because there are many cases of foreign tourists carrying out activities that have been troubling the Balinese people lately. Thus, many reactions from the Balinese, including the Indonesian government. For those of you who are going to visit Bali, you should pay attention to the things that you should not do as follows:

1.) Immodest Dressing in Public Places except on the Beach

Balinese people are friendly people and have a unique culture. They adhere to the culture of East Asia, which adheres to good manners in speech and behavior. This culture will guide their lives always to be polite and friendly to everyone. They have various levels of language speech, including coarse language, ordinary language, and acceptable language.

Likewise, in terms of clothing, they pay great attention to fashion and sort it out in various activities. That means that they will use clothing according to its designation. However, all the clothes they wear will always cover sensitive body parts or those related to pornography. For this reason, everyone living in Bali should dress modestly, covering at least from the waist to the knees.

Moreover, if we want to visit a temple, we must wear a sarong. If not, you must accept sanctions from the customary local police.

2.) Holding Someone Else’s Head

Holding people’s heads, especially the heads of local people, is an act that is prohibited. This will get a strong reaction from the local people because they feel you are harassing or belittling them. For that, don’t ever do this.

3.) No Respect for Local Cultures

This is very important for those of you who have different cultures from the Balinese. You will feel this cultural difference when you arrive on this island of a thousand temples. Meanwhile, Bali has many cultures, and you must respect them.

Disrespect To Pecalang

Pecalang is a customary police unit that only exists in Bali. They work in traditional Balinese dress and generally guard the course of religious ceremonies. Unpaid volunteer groups make up this local-based security unit. They have a central role and are in direct contact with the community. Pecalang exists in every village in Bali, and the Balinese greatly respect them. What security will they provide if there is a threat or riot in their area? They also regulate traffic during religious ceremonies.

So, Pecalang must stop anyone who crosses the street and prioritize the ceremonial procession. If you violate Pecalang’s orders, you will immediately be subject to sanctions in the form of legal proceedings up to expulsion from Indonesian territory (deportation). Many tourists are unaware of this, so authorities have deported many for trivial matters. For that, learn to respect the culture here.

Disrespect for Hindu Priests

If you meet Hindu priests in Bali, you should be polite and respect them. This is very sensitive for the Balinese when people do not respect their priests. This action will be detrimental if you do not behave politely in the priest’s presence.

Driving a Vehicle / Cutting the Road During a Balinese Ceremony Convoy

Some foreign tourists do not understand this culture, so misunderstandings occur. When a procession of religious ceremonies occurs in Bali, and local people or Pecalang stop you, you must stop. Pecalang usually reprimands politely and gives directions and alternative routes you can take if possible. You must put the procession first and must not interrupt it. If not, you will be subject to severe sanctions up to deportation.

Sitting While Elevating Feet on Tables in Public Places

This is an act of disrespect in Bali. You may not put your feet on the table in public places as you do in your country. You can do it in your hotel room or villa where outsiders don’t see it.

Drying Pants, Skirts, and Underwear Not in the Proper Place

There are rules for drying clothes in Bali. Pants, skirts, and undergarments should not be higher than your waist. Moreover, you should not dry them on the balcony railing of a house or hotel. This is very impolite and can make the Balinese feel uncomfortable with you. Moreover, in Bali, Hindus believe many temples are sacred buildings. Therefore, it is inappropriate to dry clothes above our heads.

Breaking the Nyepi Rules

Nyepi, or Silent Day, is the New Year for Hindus in Bali, during which they observe the four Berata Penyepian (four activities that are not carried out). Balinese people use Nyepi Day for meditation and introspection. Four taboos cannot be done on that day, including No Travel, No Light of Fire, No Fun, and No Work. On that day, all shops, transportation activities, entertainment, to the airport will be closed for 24 hours. Everyone is not allowed to travel because the roads will be closed, and the night will be pitch black because no lights are allowed.

Tourists on vacation in Bali during Nyepi will receive a little compensation when they are allowed to carry out activities in the hotel and only turn on a few lights in the room. Of course, if you violate this, you will immediately receive sanctions from Pecalang (local customary police). Sanctions range from a warning to deportation.

4.) Doing Illegal Activities or Business

If you visit Bali with a Tourist Visa, you should not carry out illegal activities on this island. This is clear in the rules according to the visa granted by the Indonesian government. There are several foreign tourists who commit this violation. Thus, they have lost time to enjoy their holidays in Bali because they have to leave this island quickly.

5.) Climbing a Sacred Building or Place of Worship

It is a serious violation if you do this. You may find sacred buildings in Bali. You can’t ride it or sit on it as this tourist did. The Balinese will not be able to tolerate your actions, and you will have to pay dearly for this incident. The process of deportation and blacklisting are the sanctions that you will get if you violate this rule. For the record, in places of worship or holy places, no writing regulates this. But you better know this.

6.) Performing Immoral Acts in Sacred places or areas

The immoral acts referred to in this case are having sexual intercourse, making love, being completely naked, urinating, and defecating in sacred areas. It is strictly forbidden to do this in holy places. The Balinese think you are polluting the sanctity of their area or place of worship. For that, don’t ever do this if you don’t want to get a severe punishment and not be allowed to come to Bali again.

7.) Driving a Vehicle Not In Accordance with Police Regulations

  • Not Wearing a Helmet
    Using a helmet while riding a motorcycle is an obligation because it is already a traffic law. Many tourists have had road accidents and even died because they did not comply with these regulations. If you don’t wear a helmet while riding a scooter, the police will fine you. This also applies to local people.
  • Replacing Vehicle Number Plates
    You will violate the law if you carelessly change the Vehicle plate number. You will be fined and detained if you do so. Some tourists have violated this rule, and of course, they immediately receive heavy sanctions.
  • Driving a Vehicle with a Noisy Muffler
    It also makes other people annoyed and angry if your vehicle uses a blaring muffler. Almost all countries in the world apply this rule because it is noisy.
  • Not Using Clothes When Riding a Motorcycle
    One of the impolite things you do is ride a motorcycle without wearing clothes. This is also regulated in the traffic laws in this country. So, you have to wear clothes when riding a motorcycle, even if you go surfing. That’s because other people will feel disgusted to meet you on the street.
  • Reckless Driving of Vehicles
    This also includes serious traffic violations in Indonesia. Because this is very dangerous and can injure yourself and others. In several cases, tourists’ reckless driving has received severe sanctions.

8.) Making trouble or commotion

You need to avoid this if your vacation period is shorter than your plan. And even, this can bury your dream of having a vacation in Bali. Anyone who lives in Indonesia, including tourists, should not cause noise, trouble, or commotion. Sanctions ranging from mild to severe will await you.

Surf Up in Bali: Where to Find the Best Hotel Near Top Surf Spots?

Let’s go Surf up in Bali. Many questions from surfers about where to find the best hotel near the top surf spots in Bali. This article will provide information on where surfers, especially novice surfers, should stay on this paradise island.

Bali is a small and beautiful island that we can visit while on vacation. It is well known throughout the world as a world-class tourist destination. Bali has complete tourist attractions, from the sea, land, and rivers to the mountains. Bali’s nature is truly unique, and many tourists have acknowledged it. Adventure activities are one of the reasons tourists come to Bali. You can enjoy adventure activities on this island with complete options.

Surfing is one of the most popular adventure activities for tourists. This activity is one of the forerunners of activities in the tropics that made Bali famous apart from its culture. This is because Bali has exotic beaches with big waves and is suitable for surfing. The beaches along the island’s south coast have big waves and many surfing spots.

Currently, surfing activities are evenly distributed in almost every surf spot in Bali. So, many tourists want to enjoy surfing on this island of the gods. Likewise, many tourists come to Bali to learn to surf. This is because Bali also has ideal surf spots for learning to surf. Many choices of surf spots make this island the most popular with surfers around the world.

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Surf up in Bali – Best Bali Surf Session

Common Question from Beginner Surfers: Where can I find the Best Hotel Near Top Surf Spots?

Surf spots in Bali stretch from east to west of this island. Then, where must they stay to be close to the surf spot? This question often comes from tourists who have never been to Bali. In this article, we can help you by providing information on which region you should live in. This is important because the time to surf is the main point of playing with nature. Likewise, you don’t miss the right momentum to surf in the sea. Because waves for surfing are not always available at any time, this is closely related to weather conditions and seasons. You can travel efficiently so that your time is not wasted. Likewise, the existence of good waves for surfing at a surf spot is short. So, you have to be on time at the surf spot.

Furthermore, choosing a hotel is a significant factor for surfers. If your level is beginner or intermediate, we recommend staying in the Canggu, Seminyak, and Kuta areas. Surf spots in the Kuta and Canggu areas are ideal for beginners. Especially in the Canggu to Tanah Lot areas, these are perfect surf spots for beginners and intermediate levels. Meanwhile, those of you at the professional level can stay in the Uluwatu or Canggu areas because the surf spot at Uluwatu is ideal for pro surfers. Likewise, several surf spots in the Canggu and West Bali areas are suitable for pro-surfers, such as Pererenan Beach, Tukad Balian Beach, and Medewi Beach.

What Hotels Are Ideal for Surfers in Bali?

Many hotels in Bali offer accommodation with a variety of choices and services. Hotel rooms are not the leading choice for surfers, especially on their journey. The most important thing is that the location is close to surf spots and easy to access. They chose a simple and comfortable hotel. We can find shared rooms at a surf camp where several surfers can occupy one room.

The Tunjung Boutique Resort is one of the ideal hotels to stay at for surfers. Our hotel’s location is very strategic in the Canggu area. Our hotel is near famous surf spots, including Berawa Beach, Batubolong, Pererenan, Nyanyi, Tanah Lot, and Kedungu. All of that only takes 15 – 25 minutes from our resort. Meanwhile, we have 21 comfortable rooms with a swimming pool and a large parking area. Also, our restaurant provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner services. So, every guest who stays at our hotel will be comfortable during their stay.

So, what are you waiting for? Please get in touch with our team to get the right offer.

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