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Nyepi: Once a Year Celebration

Nyepi is a celebration in Bali. People must stay in house for one day.

Culture is deeply embedded in the lives of Balinese people. Most Balinese adhere to Hinduism with several celebrations, including Nyepi. All Balinese people will celebrate Nyepi.

This celebration is an opportunity for the island of Bali to take a break from the dense population and human activity. This is unique because the area is generally busy and increasingly quiet, like a ghost town. Pecalang (customary security officers) will guard their respective areas to ensure no people or tourists leave. This year’s Nyepi Day falls on March 11 2024. Tourists can enjoy this unique moment as a new experience when visiting Bali.

The Meaning of The Nyepi Celebration

Nyepi Day is a celebration of the Saka New Year in the Balinese Hindu calendar. Before celebrating Nyepi, there are various ceremonies that the Balinese people must carry out. The Melasti ceremony involves cleaning heirloom objects or prayer tools in sea or river water. Then, at the Tawur or mecaru ceremony, Balinese people throw away negative things in their homes and villages.

Next is the Pengerupukan ceremony, where the Balinese people sprinkle gunpowder and make loud noises to chase Bhuta Kala out of the house. Then, on Nyepi Day, everyone will stay at home. Nyepi means calm or quiet, and it is a time when people purify themselves to welcome the new year.

Nyepi Day is essential for Balinese people to reflect and introspect themselves to become better individuals. After that, the Ngembak Geni ceremony will be held, an event of recognition and sincerity. On that day, people will admit their mistakes and apologize to others.

What activities will you do?

Bali has unique celebration, namely Nyepi.

During the celebrations, Bali will become a dead island. This means that there are no activities that the public or tourists can do during Nyepi. The government will also cut off the internet network so tourists and the public can celebrate it peacefully. There is the term Catur Brata Penyepian, namely four taboos people are not allowed to do during Nyepi, consisting of Amati Karya, Amati Geni, Amati Lelungan, and Amati Lelanguan.

First, Amati Karya prohibits people from working or carrying out activities. Second, Amati Geni is a prohibition on lighting fires. People must turn off lights or light sources. On the night, it will be very dark. Third, Amati Lelungan is taboo when travelling. Balinese people will spend their time at home.

Lastly, Amati Lelanguan prohibits holding parties or having fun. This prohibition makes Balinese people focus more on assessing themselves during Nyepi. This will be something new for tourists because tourists in Bali must also participate. Tourists can get to know Bali better through the Nyepi celebration.

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