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Most Bali Hotel Room Rates are Back Up. Do You Get Discount Rates?

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The development of the tourism business on the island of Bali has increased drastically since the Indonesian government opened Bali tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, Bali’s economy had contracted minus 11% for more than two years due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Indonesia, especially in Bali. However, the economy of the island of the gods is increasing daily. The arrival of foreign tourists to Bali continues to show an increase. Thus, hotel room occupancy has also increased. Likewise, tourist visits to tourist attractions have also increased.

On the other hand, hotel room prices have also increased. Previously, all hotels in Bali lowered their room rates drastically. It is because no tourists come to this paradise island. However, hotel room rates have started to increase and are approaching normal now. Many tourists cannot find cheap room rates in Bali as before. Bali hotel room prices have gone up again. Previously, we quickly found five-star hotels with room prices under one million Rupiah. However, now it is different. Tourists are hard to find such reasonable prices anymore. Most hotels already offer standard rates. Five-star prices, for example, already provide prices above 2 million Rupiah.

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Several Factors for Increasing Hotel Room Prices in Bali

Several factors cause hotel room prices in Bali to rise significantly. These factors include:

  1. Increased Tourist Visits
    The arrival of tourists to Bali, especially foreign tourists, is a significant factor in the increase in hotel room prices. This is in line with the supply and demand market. Most hotel room occupancy in Bali has increased. This situation is very different from the previous condition. The demand for hotel rooms in Bali has increased considerably, so it affects the occupancy of hotel rooms.
  2. Increase in Hotel and Restaurant Operational Costs
    Since the COVID-19 outbreak on the island of Bali, hotel operational costs have continued to run as usual. It is because hotel owners and management want to maintain the quality of their services. They try to keep all the facilities and services to guests even though the business is dead. In fact, many owners close their hotels and restaurants at risk of destroying their facilities. Significant expenses during the pandemic have affected the financial and operational costs of the hotel. In addition, the essential ingredients of food and beverages have also increased. So, the owner or hotel management returns their room prices to normal.
  3. Increase in Oil Prices
    Rising oil prices in Indonesia also affected the increase in hotel room prices. Of course, it affected the essential ingredients of food and beverages.

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How to Find and Get Cheap Hotel Prices?

The increase in hotel room prices in Bali is volatile and depends on the conditions and situation of tourism. The position of Bali’s tourism has not recovered 100%, which has made many parties adopt short-term policies. It means that the increase in the price of this room is short and may decrease or vice versa, stay at a high price.

Here are some tips for getting cheap or affordable Bali hotel room rates:

  1. Join the Early Bird Deal
    Many hotels offer these special rates for those who book their rooms in advance. If you plan a vacation to Bali 3 months or six months earlier, this Early Bird Deal offer is the right choice.
  2. Book a hotel room for the long-term.
    Many hotels offer special rates for travellers who want to enjoy long vacations lasting one week or more. It’s a good idea to contact the hotel directly to get this special price because it is rarely announced in online bookings.
  3. Choose a hotel location that is outside the tourist area.
    One way to get a more affordable hotel room rate is to choose a hotel away from the tourist centres. It is, of course, cheaper room rates than hotels in tourist centres such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Canggu, and Ubud. It does not mean choosing a hotel far from the tourist centre. However, hotels near tourist centres like ours offer these special rates.
  4. Choosing a new hotel
    Newly opened hotels generally offer promotional prices at the beginning of the hotel’s operation. You can search for information about New hotels in Bali that suit your choice.
  5. Choose a hotel that offers a special package or special deal.
    In addition to regular prices, the hotel also offers special prices or discounts. You have many choices of hotels for your accommodation during your holiday in Bali. Prices for these special packages are usually provided by hotels on certain days, especially in the low season.
  6. Choose a holiday in the Low Season and Avoid the High or Peak Season.
    Hotel prices in the low season are relatively lower than in the high and peak seasons. The hotel applies additional fees in the form of a High-Season or peak-season Season Surcharge. The surcharge amount and its validity period depend on the hotel’s policy. Here are the Low, High, and Peak Season periods in Bali:
  • Low Season: January 11 – June 30
  • High Season: July 1– September 30
  • Peak Season: December 20 – January 10
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