Emirates Flying to Bali From 1 May

Emirates will fly back to serve passengers in Bali on May 1st. Then, they will follow to London, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires. Flights to London will start on August 1st, while those to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will start on November 2nd. Finally, Buenos Aires, Argentina, will start on November 2, 2022. In line with the easing of travel restrictions worldwide, Emirates continues to rebuild and expand its global network to meet the traveller’s demands.

The addition of international flights to Bali will accelerate tourism recovery on this paradise island. Currently, several airlines offer international flights to Bali. Those airlines include Garuda Indonesia, Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, KLM Royal Dutch, Jet Star, Scoot, Malaysia Airlines, and Turkish Airlines.

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Bali will soon be flooded with foreign tourists in the next few months. Likewise, the Indonesian government has made it easy for foreign tourists to enter Indonesia. These efforts cover VOA, abolishing quarantine rules, and eliminating airport PCR tests. However, foreign tourists must follow the health standard requirements before the Bali vacation.

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Emirates Response Customer Request for Vacation to Bali

Emirates will meet the demands of customers who want to vacation on the Island of the Gods by operating five weekly flights to Bali using Boeing 777-300ER aircraft with two configuration classes. On July 1st, 2022, Emirates will increase its operations to Bali by serving daily flights. By resuming flights to Bali, Emirates will follow the Indonesian government’s proactive steps in reviving Bali’s tourism sector.

Bali has opened its doors to international tourists who have been fully vaccinated starting in March 2022, after nearly two years of closing its doors to foreign tourists.

The flight to Bali will depart from Dubai at 09.10 and arrive at 22.20 local time. Meanwhile, the flight to Dubai departs from Denpasar at 00.05 and lands back in Dubai at 05.10 local time.

The Emirates flying to Bali will accelerate Bali’s economic growth, which has slumped since the COVID-19 pandemic. Every plane that comes to Bali with hundreds of passengers will revive all tourism sectors as the primary source of Bali’s economy.

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