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Where to Eat in Bali

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Many tourists are confused about finding a good restaurant according to their tastes while on vacation in Bali. Many of them ask where to eat in Bali. Of course, this is very concerning because Bali is a world-class tourist destination. Of course, there are many restaurants or cafes that serve dishes with various flavors. On the other hand, there are some tourists who expect a place for lunch or dinner that is close to their hotel. Also, they often expect to find a restaurant with good food and affordable prices. Currently, the area where tourists live in Bali is the Canggu area. This is because Canggu is a special and exotic area. This article also responds to the common question of where to eat in Bali.

Where to Eat Good Food in Canggu?

There are many restaurants and cafes scattered in the Canggu area and are well-known in the market. Many cafes and restaurants are located on the beach or close to the beach. There are also several restaurants built in the middle of rice fields or in the countryside with friendly Balinese people. Famous restaurants and cafes in the Canggu area include Milk and Madu, Mason, Sa’Mesa, The Lawn, Nook, Crate Café, and many others.

However, there is a new local restaurant in the Canggu area. This is Warung Puri Boga Restaurant located in Tumbak Bayuh Village, Pererenan Bali. Previously, this restaurant has been famous since 1986 in Nusa Dua. The owner and cook of this restaurant is a housewife with a long cooking experience with good taste. The favorite food at this restaurant is Sate Babi. Many customers, both domestic and foreign, have tasted the food from this restaurant.

Warung Puri Boga Restaurant Has Changed Address

Along with the development of tourism, Warung Puri Boga Restaurant has changed its address. From Nusa Dua, this restaurant has expanded to the Pererenan area of Canggu. The location is on Jl. Tumbak Bayuh, Br. Tiying Tutul, Tumbak Bayuh Village, Mengwi, Badung. We can find the name Warung Puri Boga Restaurant on Google easily. Similarly, you will be directed to this restaurant via Google Maps.

Even during the current pandemic, Warung Puri Boga Restaurant is still open. In fact, it’s open daily from 7 am to 10 pm. They serve Indonesian, Asian and European dishes. Also, this restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Warung Puri Boga Restaurant Serves Dine-in, Take Away and Delivery

This restaurant always pampers every customer with excellent service. You can dine-in at this restaurant while enjoying the natural atmosphere of Tumbak Bayuh village. And also, you can take away if you want to eat at the place you are staying. Likewise, for those of you who are a bit lazy, you can also order food for delivery. This restaurant has collaborated with several delivery service platforms such as GoFood, GrabFood, or ShopeeFood. You can also see more details of this restaurant’s menu on the platform directly on their website here. And in fact, this restaurant also has an online store in collaboration with GoStore.

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In addition, the payment system in restaurants is on a cashless basis. You can pay your bill from Warung Puri Boga Restaurant through various payment methods such as electronic wallet (E-Wallet), cash, credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. Meanwhile, the types of credit cards that can be accepted are Visa, Master Card, and American Express. So, Warung Puri Boga Restaurant is very pampering customers.

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