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What is The Best Time to Go to Bali?

Taman Ujung Sukasada-Best Time to Bali
Tourists can search the internet for the best time to go to Bali.

Tourists who want to travel to the Island of the Gods must consider the best time to go to Bali. Bali is a tourist island that can hypnotize tourists to come back. Holidays should be unforgettable occasions for tourists, and this timing can be a consideration for tourists to create a memorable holiday. In addition, different times of the day bring different weather, so tourists need to know this.

Then, tourists can search the Internet or other media to determine the best time to go to Bali. Furthermore, by selecting a time, tourists can plan costs, accommodations, and activities they will do in Bali. The following is the right time for tourists to go to Bali.

1. Dry Season (April – September)

April – September is the best time to visit Bali because the weather is sunny and there is minimal rain. July and August are peak tourism season, so book accommodation well in advance. In summer, tourists can do various activities without worrying about rain. Therefore, these months are the best time to go to Bali.

2. Summer (June – August)

Another best time to go to Bali is during the summer. Although tourism is at its peak, these months offer abundant sunshine and ideal weather conditions for sunbathing on the beach or engaging in water activities. This month is the best time to go to Bali because it coincides with the school holiday season. Both primary and university-level schools will generally dismiss their students.

3. Rainy Season (October – March)

Even though it is the rainy season, Bali is still attractive to visit because the rain is usually short and not annoying. These months are also the right time to enjoy the beauty of green nature and fast-flowing rivers. This season, the weather will not be as hot as usual, but tourists can prepare themselves to prevent illness while on holiday. The rainy season is also the best time to go to Bali because of the cool weather.

4. The Best Time for Cultural Events

If tourists are interested in Balinese culture, consider visiting during major holidays such as Nyepi Day (Balinese Saka New Year), Galungan, or Kuningan. This is the best time to see Bali and experience local life and unique traditions. Nyepi celebrations usually fall in March, whereas Galungan and Kuningan do not have specific dates and months. Balinese people celebrate Galungan and Kuningan every six months based on the Balinese calendar.

5. March – April is the Best Time for Surfers

For surfing lovers, March and April are the best times to catch big waves on beaches such as Canggu Beach, Pererenan, Kuta, Batu Bolong, etc. Surfers can visit this time to find the best time to go to Bali and surf on the beach. The beaches in Bali have high and challenging waves so that tourists can enjoy a good time.

6. September – November

Furthermore, this month is the ideal time for adventure tourism. With sunny weather conditions and fewer tourists, tourists can spend more time in Bali. This makes it the best time to go to Bali, and tourists can enjoy it freely. Furthermore, tourists can explore trekking Mount Batur or Mount Agung or try diving activities in Bali waters.

Hotel to Enjoy the Best Time in Bali

If tourists spend their best time in Bali, hotels are one thing that tourists should not forget. Besides choosing the right time to go to Bali, tourists can choose the best accommodation. One of the hotels that tourists can choose is The Tunjung Boutique Resort. This hotel has facilities that can make tourists comfortable while resting. Tourists can soak their bodies and relax in the swimming pool between the room buildings. The hotel has three types of rooms that tourists can adjust to their needs during their holiday.

The hotel has a restaurant called Warung Puri Boga, where guests can eat casually while chatting with friends or enjoying their time. The hotel’s location is quite strategic because it is located in the middle of a local settlement, providing a sensation of calm and peace. However, it is easy for guests to visit other places, such as beaches, cafes, restaurants, yoga studios, etc.

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