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The Ideal Places to Stay in Bali after the Pandemic

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Bali tourism has shown positive growth since the Indonesian government opened international borders. The number of international flights also continues to grow, so tourist arrivals to this island of the gods are difficult to contain. In line with this, hotels, restaurants, bars and tourist objects have reopened services for tourists. Previously, the tourism sector in Bali had fallen so that the Bali economy was minus 11%. But now, Bali’s economy is again showing good progress. Moreover, the G20 conference will soon be held, so foreign visits to Bali will increase drastically.

Most tourists who want to vacation in Bali are blind to information about this paradise island tourism. Many are confused about the ideal place to stay in Bali after the COVID-19 pandemic. This question is logical because some areas are still not 100% ready to accept tourists. This article provides information on the ideal places to live in post-pandemic Bali.

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9 Ideal Places to Stay in Bali after the Pandemic

Nusa Dua.

Nusa Dua is an elite and exclusive resort area with 5-star hotels along the coast. The government has designed this area for high-end guests. In addition, world-class meeting facilities are also widely available in this area. Currently, all components in this area are ready to welcome tourists who are vacationing in Bali.


It is a new tourism area development in Bali with luxury private villas. Most villas are built on white limestone cliffs with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. This area is also ready to welcome tourists who want to vacation on this island.


This area is growing like any other. The site, the icon of the Bali seafood grill, is ready to welcome tourists for a vacation. Hotels and restaurants have re-opened. The area, which is only a step away from the airport, is an option for tourists to enjoy the sensation of a holiday in Bali.


The area has long become an icon of Bali tourism and is the centre of tourist life day and night. Even though it was quiet during the Pandemic, this area has awakened from sleep. Hotels, restaurants, and bars have started to open and are ready to serve every guest who visits this place.


A tourist area with private villas just a step away from Kuta is the ideal place to stay in Bali today. Many world-class restaurants have also started to open to serve tourists.


Canggu is the only tourist area in Bali that never stops providing services to tourists. Even during the Pandemic, Canggu was still alive and never lonely. Many tourists like this area because it has advantages over other regions in Bali.


It is a beautiful place in the eastern part of Denpasar City, a pioneer of Bali’s tourism. Calm waves, views of the Bali Strait, and sunrise are the highlights of this area. Currently, all tourism facilities in this area have returned to normal.


A tourist area in Bali identical to the village’s natural beauty and rice fields, this area has always been a favorite for tourists who love nature and art. Even though this area was quiet during the Pandemic, it has now returned to normal.


Candidasa is a tourist area in the eastern part of the island of Bali with stunning beaches and a peaceful atmosphere. Although it was quiet from tourists and many hotels and restaurants were closed, it has slowly shown positive developments. Many hotels and restaurants have started to open services to tourists.

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    No Doubt about Come To Bali

    You don’t need to hesitate anymore to come to Bali for vacation. It is because Bali is ready to welcome both domestic and foreign tourists. Tourist areas in Bali continue to develop along with positive tourism developments. The next tourist areas prepared to receive tourists are Amed, Tulamben, Lovina and Pemuteran. These areas are located quite far from the airport but have their advantages. This area’s advantage is that the atmosphere is calm, peaceful and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    Likewise, this area has exotic beaches with calm waves. In addition, seaside attractions such as diving, fishing, snorkelling, and dolphin-watching tours are the main attractions. So, all these things are options for you to determine the ideal places to stay in Bali now.

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