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Tanah Lot Temple – Bali Popular Tourist Destination

Tanah Lot is a beautiful tourist destination blessed by the stunning panorama of a Hindu Temple. It is set on the rock and a circle by the seawater in Tabanan regency, the western part of Bali regency. It is one of the famous tourist destinations that tourists visit daily. This temple is a central place to see on the favorite Tanah Lot tour.

Tanah Lot is located on the beach area of Beraban village, Kediri district, and Tabanan regency. It is about 30 km from Denpasar city or about 11 Km to the south side of Tabanan town. The name of this area comes from the secret temple called Tanah Lot Temple. It is uniquely set on beach rock, approximately 50 m from the shore.

In some niche coral reefs around Tanah Lot Temple. And also, there are stripe snakes, black and white, regarded by local people as belonging to God and as a guard of the temple. According to the information, a freshwater spring can be seen when the sea water recedes. The presence of spring became one of the considerations when the Tanah lot was chosen as the temple’s location.

History of Tanah Lot Temple

The word Tanah Lot is rived from the word Tanah and Lot. Tanah means rock that risible Gili or small island. Lot or Lord means sea. Tanah Lot is intended as a small island floating in the middle of the Ocean. According to the archeological data, a prominent hill is located on a stone temple called Tugu. It functions as an altar to worship the power and potential nature (in this case, it is related to the sea potential). This temple building is set in the main temple area of Tanah Lot Temple. There is also a Lingga set in the temple building functioning to worship the Lord of Shiva to invoke safety.

Meanwhile, the location of Tanah Lot temple had been used in the megalithic era as a secret place by evidence of the Menhir existence. The Hindu religion and culture influenced Bali Island in the eighth century by existing a phallus on Tanah Lot. It can be said that Tanah Lot had lived in a secret place to worship the Siva God. According to Dhang Yang Nirartha’s instruction in the 16 century, he built a Tanah Lot Temple without abandoning the previous tradition. Before this Temple was made, he felt the vibration of holiness and spiritual protection called Jiwan Mukti.

tanah lot temple, tanah lot, bali tourist destination

A Beautiful Place to Visit in Bali

Based on the environmental condition, the structure of Tanah Lot Temple is built on a rock with irregular edges. It consists of one plain/ courtyard as the main temple area. On this courtyard are the main temple buildings. It includes Meru with five layer rooftop. And it is a media to worship Segara God or Baruna God as a ruler of the ocean. Meanwhile, a Meru is a temple with three-layer rooftops as media to cherish for the glory of Danghyang Nirartha. He is a Hindu priest from Java who preserve and develop the culture and Hinduism.

As one of the famous tourist destinations in Bali, the government has developed it professionally into an international standard tourist destination. It provides complete public facilities and security services, including lifeguards. The facilities include toilets, a parking area, Bale for resting, and a paging system. It is also CCTV, souvenir shops, restaurants, hotels, and food and drink stalls available.

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Best Time to Visit Tanah Lot

The best time to visit Tanah Lot, a famous temple in Bali, Indonesia is typically during the late afternoon or early evening. This time allows you to witness the breathtaking sunset over the temple and the ocean, one of Tanah Lot’s main attractions.

It’s important to note that Tanah Lot can get quite crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons. Visiting on weekdays rather than weekends or during major holidays is advisable to avoid crowds. Additionally, consider visiting during the low tourist season for a more tranquil experience. It generally falls between November and March.

As weather conditions can affect the overall experience. It is worth noting that Bali has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons. Generally considered the best time to visit, the dry season runs from April to September, offering clear skies and pleasant temperatures. From October to March, the wet season sees more rainfall. But it can still be an enjoyable time to visit if you don’t mind occasional showers.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Tanah Lot depends on your preferences. However, aiming for the late afternoon or early evening during the dry season will likely provide a memorable experience with beautiful sunset views.

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