How To Get The Tourism Levy?

The Tourism Levy will take effect immediately in February this year.

Bali implements a tourism levy to develop and maintain its tourism infrastructure. It will create a sustainable environment and support local communities. In this case, every tourist plays an active role through the Tourism Levy. This program will have a positive impact on Bali tourism in the future.

The government implemented the Tourism Levy on February 14 2024, as part of Bali’s journey towards sustainable tourism. Taxes are also a form of joint investment in maintaining the beauty and balance of this island. Apart from that, the government hopes tourists can support this program to create superior Bali tourism.

The Impact on Tourism Development

The Tourism Levy functions to improve tourist facilities and provide a positive impact on the local community. Implementing the program affects increasing income and regulating the number of tourists. Furthermore, from this program, the government can control the tourism growth rate, reduce negative environmental impacts, and preserve local culture. Therefore, the program not only helps finance tourism development but also adheres to the concept of sustainability in managing the tourism industry in Bali.

The validity period of the Tourism Levy in Bali will significantly determine the success of this program. By charging this fee when tourists arrive, the government can raise the necessary funds while providing visitors with an understanding of their positive contribution to the development and preservation of the tourist destinations they enjoy. Therefore, implementing the program must receive attention from tourists to run well.

How to Apply Tourism Levy?

Tourists can apply for Tourism Levy via the official website or the Love Bali Application. This app comes in five different languages: Mandarin, English, German, Korean, and French. After logging into the platform, tourists fill in personal data such as passport number, name, email and arrival time. Then, in the next step, tourists can choose the payment method that is most convenient for them. Finally, tourists will receive a Retribution Voucher in their email and can scan it at the Checkpoint. The Tourism Levy charges IDR 150,000 for each tourist who comes.

Application procedures in various languages make it easier for tourists to fulfil Tourism Levy payments. All stages aim to support the government’s efforts to maintain and improve tourism facilities and services in Bali. In this way, the government and the tourism industry hope the program will run according to expectations.

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