The Ideal Places to Stay in Bali after the Pandemic

Bali tourism has shown positive growth since the Indonesian government opened international borders. The number of international flights also continues to grow, so tourist arrivals to this island of the gods are difficult to contain. In line with this, hotels, restaurants, bars and tourist objects have re-opened services for tourists. Previously, the tourism sector in Bali had fallen so that the Bali economy was minus 11%. But now, Bali’s economy is again showing good progress. Moreover, the G20 conference will soon be held, so foreign visits to Bali will increase drastically.

Most tourists who want to vacation in Bali are blind to information about this paradise island tourism. Many are confused about determining the ideal place to stay in Bali after the Covid-19 Pandemic. This question is logical because some areas are still not 100% ready to accept tourists. This article provides information on the ideal places to live in post-pandemic Bali.

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9 Ideal Places to Stay in Bali after the Pandemic

  1. Nusa Dua.
    Nusa Dua is an elite and exclusive resort area with 5-star hotels along the coast. The government has designed this area for high-end guests. In addition, world-class meeting facilities are also widely available in this area. Currently, all components in this area are ready to welcome tourists who vacation in Bali.
  2. Uluwatu.
    It is a new tourism area development in Bali with luxury private villas. Most villas are built on white limestone cliffs with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. This area is also ready to welcome tourists who want to vacation on this island.
  3. Jimbaran.
    This area is just like any other area that is growing. The site, the icon of the Bali seafood grill, is ready to welcome tourists for a vacation. Hotels and restaurants have re-opened. The area, which is only a step away from the airport, is an option for tourists to enjoy the sensation of a holiday in Bali.
  4. Kuta.
    The area has become an icon of Bali tourism for a long time and is the center of tourist life day and night. Even though it was quiet during the Pandemic, this area has woken up from sleep. Hotels, restaurants and bars have started to open and are ready to serve every guest who visits this place.
  5. Seminyak.
    A tourist area with private villas just a step away from Kuta is the ideal place to stay in Bali today. Many world-class restaurants have also started to open to serve tourists.
  6. Canggu.
    The only tourist area in Bali that never stops providing services to tourists. Even during the Pandemic, Canggu is still alive and never lonely. Many tourists like this area because Canggu has advantages over other regions in Bali.
  7. Sanur.
    It is a beautiful place located in the eastern part of Denpasar City as a pioneer of Bali’s tourism. Meanwhile, calm waves with views of the Bali Strait and sunrise are the highlights of this area. Currently, all tourism facilities in this area have returned to normal.
  8. Ubud.
    A tourist area in Bali that is identical to the village’s natural beauty and rice fields. This area has always been a favorite for tourists who love nature and art. Even though this area was quiet during the Pandemic, it has now returned to normal.
  9. Candidasa.
    Candidasa is a tourist area in the eastern part of the island of Bali with stunning beaches and a peaceful atmosphere. Although it was quiet from tourists and many hotels and restaurants were closed, it has slowly shown positive developments. Many hotels and restaurants have started to open services to tourists.

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No Doubt about Come To Bali

You don’t need to hesitate anymore to come to Bali for vacation. It is because Bali is ready to welcome both domestic and foreign tourists. Tourist areas in Bali continue to develop along with positive tourism developments. The next tourist areas prepared to receive tourists are Amed, Tulamben, Lovina and Pemuteran. These areas are located quite far from the airport but have their advantages. The advantage of this area is that the surrounding atmosphere is calm, peaceful and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Likewise, this area has exotic beaches with calm waves. In addition, attractions at sea such as diving, fishing, snorkeling, and dolphin-watching tours are the main attraction. So, all these things are options for you to determine the ideal places to stay in Bali at this time.

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Canggu Area Remains a Favorite Place for Tourists in Bali After Pandemic

Canggu Bali is the most hit tourist area in Bali today. Previously, this area was a rural area with green rice fields and black sand beaches on the south bank as a place for fishing boats to rest. Now, this area has developed into a tourist spot with the establishment of a world-class beach club and hotels, and private villas. The Canggu area is identical to its exotic beaches, blessed with spectacular sunset views. The beaches along Canggu have good waves for both beginners and professionals to surf. Thus, this area continues to grow with increasing international tourist arrivals.

Bali tourism slumped during the Covid-19 pandemic when many hotels, restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions were closed. Tourists stopped visiting this paradise island because the Indonesian government closed international borders. However, foreign tourists who do not return to their home countries remain in Bali. The Canggu area is the only area in Bali where they live. Meanwhile, other regions in Bali, such as Nusa Dua, Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Ubud, and others, are quiet from tourism activities. Hotels, restaurants, and bars outside Canggu are closing and repatriating their employees.

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The Advantages of the Canggu Area as a Place to Stay in Bali

Foreign tourists prefer to choose the Canggu area as a place to stay in Bali. We can see many foreign tourists traveling in almost all areas. In addition, the Canggu area is mostly rural and has rice fields. They chose the Canggu area as a place to stay because Canggu has its advantages over other areas in Bali. The benefits of the Canggu area in the eyes of tourists are as follows:

  1. Location Close to Airport and Other Tourist Attractions.
    Canggu is a strategic location close to the airport, Kuta, Seminyak, and other tourist attractions. Tourists only need 25 minutes from the airport by taxi or 10 minutes from Seminyak. Meanwhile, tourists who want to go on an excursion to interesting places such as Taman Ayun Temple, Sangeh Monkey Forest, and Tanah Lot are only 25 minutes away.
  2. Exotic Beaches for Relaxing and Surfing.
    It is the difference between Canggu and other areas in Bali. The beaches throughout the area are black sand with views of the exotic Indian Ocean. Moreover, the beaches in the Canggu area have big waves and are great for surfing.
  3. World Class Beach Club.
    Many beach clubs are built in the Canggu area that offers a relaxing sensation while enjoying fresh drinks and beautiful sea views. In fact, for tourists who want to enjoy a vacation with a modern lifestyle, you can enjoy all the sensations at the beach club.
  4. Beautiful Environment.
    Canggu also has the advantage of a beautiful environment. The lovely rural atmosphere with the friendly Balinese life carrying out their daily Hindu rituals makes tourists feel at home in this area.
  5. Affordable Accommodation and Food Prices.
    The many types of accommodation in this area that offer friendly service at affordable prices make guests feel more at home in Canggu. Likewise, local and international food is also available in this area. Tourists are spoiled with the atmosphere of Canggu during their vacation in Bali.

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Canggu Offers Village Tourism

The Canggu area is a village area that has developed into a tourist area. This area was not previously designed specifically for tourism areas. However, along with the development of tourism and the design of Bali tourism is village tourism, the development of facilities in the village is increasingly being carried out. For example, in the Canggu area, many hotels and restaurants have been built in rural areas. Our hotel, The Tunjung Boutique Resort, is also in the countryside. Our hotel is in Tumbak Bayuh Village, about 3 km or 5-10 minutes from the bustling center of Canggu.

Currently, village tourism is a new trend in Bali tourism. Many tourists, especially foreign tourists, choose to live in the countryside. They choose a hotel in the village because the atmosphere is quiet, safe, and comfortable. Likewise, other facilities, such as restaurants, are very easy to find. Our hotel also has one outlet that offers a wide variety of cuisines. Warung Puri Boga Restaurant is our restaurant located in front of our hotel area, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Village Tourism – Bali Tourism Trends 2022

Village tourism is a new trend for Bali tourism in 2022. We can see from the growth of accommodation in villages that it continues to increase yearly. And even tourists slowly leave other famous tourist areas such as Nusa Dua, Kuta, Legian, and Sanur. Many villages in Bali have turned into tourist areas because of the significant demand for tourists who want to live in rural areas. It is because rural areas in Bali offer a peaceful, calm atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Meanwhile, local Balinese people are very friendly towards tourists. So, tourists are very comfortable living in this area. In addition, the nature of the village in Bali is wonderful

Meanwhile, accommodation growth in Bali has started to show where previously it had stopped since the Covid-19 pandemic. Previously, many hotels and restaurants were closed because there were no tourists. It almost made a severe crisis on the entire island of the gods. But now it has started to improve with the re-opening of Bali tourism. Almost all tourist attractions have been opened, including public facilities, although some hotels and restaurants are still closed. Bali tourism development has shown a positive trend with an increase in tourist arrivals to this Paradise Island.

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New Hotels in Rural Grows Fast as a Trend in Bali Village Tourism

Many new hotels and villas have been built in Bali’s rural areas to respond to tourist demand. Tourists, especially European tourists, really like living in villages with a beautiful rural atmosphere. Meanwhile, hotels/resorts in the village also offer international standard facilities with friendly service. Thus, tourists are increasingly comfortable living in this area. In general, rural areas that become tourist residences are areas that are still close to the famous tourist centers in Bali. Canggu is an example of a rural tourism area with the rapid development of tourism facilities.

Currently, Canggu has international standard tourism facilities. Many hotels, villas, guest houses, bars, restaurants, and even world-class beach clubs. The development of tourism in Canggu has had a profound impact on other rural areas around the area. As with Tumbak Bayuh Village, located in the Canggu area, where we can see the construction of hotels and villas is massive. Tourists can easily find hotels or resorts and villas in this village. The Tunjung Boutique Resort is a new hotel in Bali operating in 2022, located in Tumbak Bayuh Village. Our hotel offers 21 elegant and comfortable rooms with private control AC, private bathroom, and balcony for superior and deluxe room types. Likewise, our hotel also has a swimming pool and restaurant with varied menus such as Indonesian, Asian and European dishes.

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Bali Offers Many Accommodation Options and Tourist Areas

Bali village tourism continues to develop along with the development of world tourism and tourist demand. Bali already has many options to accommodate tourists who want to enjoy a holiday on this island. The Nusa Dua area is an elite tourist area with large five-star hotels, Jimbaran with large resorts and private villas, and Uluwatu with luxury villas. Meanwhile, Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak continue to offer tourism as before. Sanur is famous for its beachfront hotels and Ubud for its Balinese-style hotels and villas. Furthermore, the Canggu area is a new tourism area that is famous for its world-class beach club. Hotels in Canggu also offer international standard facilities and services. However, areas far from the airport, such as Candidasa, Tulamben, Lovina, and Pemuteran, still do not appear to be developing. It is because of the Bali tourism situation is not 100% back to normal.

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Pererenan Bali Becomes the Top Tourist Area in the Future

Pererenan is a remote rural area in the western part of the Canggu area. This area continues to grow with the availability of tourism facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and bars. This area also has a very beautiful and famous beach. Pererenan Beach is a beautiful black sandy beach with big waves suitable for surfing. A previously quiet and secluded beach has now turned into a beach bustling with tourists. It is because Pererenan Beach is blessed with a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean with a spectacular sunset as the backdrop. The beach, which has the character of big and fast waves, has made this beach one of the best surf spots in Bali. In addition, the area in Pererenan continues to develop by providing world-class tourism facilities. Hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, etc., have spoiled tourists while on vacation in this area.

Many new hotels and restaurants are growing in this area and offer convenience to tourists. Every tourist can choose and book accommodation in the Pererenan Bali area at competitive and reasonable prices. Likewise, the hospitality of the hotel staff provides comfort for every guest staying at the hotel.


Tourists who have never stayed in Pererenan will be a little confused to choose a hotel as a place to stay. Lots of hotels and villas in this area offer elegant and comfortable rooms. However, it will all depend on each traveler’s budget to choose a hotel in Pererenan. In addition, guest houses/homestays are also widely available for low-budget tourists. These accommodations offer comfort and friendly service so that every traveler is comfortable staying at the hotel.

For tourists who love hotels with a private and comfortable atmosphere, a private villa is a right choice. You can easily find private villas in the Pererenan area at a reasonable price. Meanwhile, the apartment is the right choice for those who want to stay longer. However, most hotels and villas also offer prices for long stays. Like our hotel, The Tunjung Boutique Resort, we offer comfortable accommodations with friendly service. Likewise, we also offer affordable room rates for short and long stays.

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Seeing the development of tourism in the Pererena area, which continues to grow, we can conclude that this area will become a top tourism area for tourists in the future. From various responding tourists who stay at our hotel to the question of why they chose the Pererenan Bali area as a place to stay. Here are some reasons they chose a hotel in the Pererenan Bali area.

  1. Cosy Atmosphere
    The environmental conditions in the Pererenan Bali area are very comfortable, with green rice fields and tropical trees along the road and countryside. Meanwhile, the local people are very friendly with a high tolerance and run a Hindu-based social life. It makes tourists very comfortable living in this area.
  2. Easy Access to Other Tourist Locations
    Pererenan’s location is very strategic in the sightseeing area. Every guest in this area can easily access nearby tourist attractions such as Tanah Lot, Taman Ayun Temple, Bedugul, Sangeh Monkey Forest, etc.
  3. Many Beautiful Beaches Nearby
    Besides Pererenan Beach, several other beautiful beaches have become tourist spots in Bali. Tourists who live in Pererenan will find it very easy to visit famous beaches around Pererenan, such as Berawa Beach, Batubolong, and Echo Beach. These beaches offer exotic views and are the best surf spots in Bali.
  4. The Canggu area as a new tourism center is very close.
    The Canggu area is very close to Pererenan. It is just a step away from this area. It is easy for every guest to go to Canggu, one of the tourist centers famous for its beach club. In addition to the beach club, there are also hangout places, restaurants with international flavors, boutique shops, etc.
  5. Affordable Hotel Prices
    Hotels in the Pererenan area generally offer very affordable and reasonable prices. It will spoil every tourist who wants to vacation on the island of Bali.


Cold Temperature Covers Bali, Tourists Feel Comfortable

Cold temperatures blanketed parts of the eastern Indonesian archipelago, including the island of Bali. This has been going on since early July this year. The cause of this temperature change is the cold wind in Australia that blows to Indonesia, especially the islands south of the equator. Thus, this impacts decreasing temperatures in the eastern Indonesian archipelago. As in Bali, the temperature on this paradise island is usually 27°C – 33°C. However, the current temperature in Bali is in the range of 12°C – 27°C. Of course, this is a cold temperature for the Balinese. However, for tourists who usually live in cold temperatures, the current temperature in Bali is cool. The temperature is good for travelling because it is not hot.

The Temperature in the Mountains, Favorite Tourist Places in Bali

The current cold temperature in Bali is also felt by residents and tourists who live in mountainous areas. Temperatures in mountainous areas are cooler than in coastal areas. As in the Bedugul and Kintamani areas, the lowest temperature at night reaches 14°C, and during the day, it reaches 21°C. This is a very cold temperature for Balinese people who live in a warm atmosphere. For those who prefer to travel in cold temperatures, now is the right time for a vacation to Bali. Tourist spots such as Ubud Village are favourite places because the temperature during the day is very cool and very good for sightseeing. Tourists can enjoy the atmosphere of Ubud comfortably and see Balinese life in the countryside. Likewise, tourists can enjoy a leisurely stroll in the city of Ubud while visiting a beautiful boutique shop or gallery to find unique items to take home.

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Causes of Cold Temperature in the Southern Part of the Indonesian Archipelago

According to BMKG (Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency), the cause this cold temperature is 2 factors. The two factors are:

FIRST: The nature of the air mass in Australia is cold and dry. A relatively high air pressure pattern in Australia causes air masses to move from Australia to Indonesia (known as the Australian Cold Monsoon). The Australian monsoon wind blows towards Indonesia through the waters of the Indonesian Ocean. Meanwhile, the sea surface temperature is also relatively colder, resulting in the temperature in some areas in Indonesia, especially the southern part of the equator (Java, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara).

SECOND: less cloud and rain on the islands of Java, Bali, Lombok, and Flores have seen quite significantly in the last few days. It also reduces the water vapour content in the atmosphere. Physically, water vapour and water are quite effective in storing heat energy. Thus, the low vapour content in the atmosphere causes the radiation energy released by Earth into space at night to be not stored in the atmosphere. Thus, the energy used to increase the atmospheric temperature near the Indonesian archipelago’s surface is insignificant.

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Indonesia VoA Reach 60 Foreign Countries, Is Your Country Listed?

Indonesia VoA (Visa on Arrival) is a facility for foreign tourists to enter Indonesia whose number has increased recently. Furthermore, Indonesia continues to add Visa on Arrival (VOA) facilities for foreign tourists who want to vacation in this country of 17,000 islands. Previously, Indonesia only provided VoA facilities for 43 countries. But currently, this country has given VoA to 60 countries since April 28, 2022. Will this situation bring Bali back to the period before the pandemic? Will Bali soon be booming with tourists? Of course, this is possible because we can see the development of Bali tourism, which continues to improve. In addition, there are no more cases of COVID-19 appearing on this island of the gods. And even President Jokowi has given the freedom to his people not to be obliged to use masks in public areas.

It is good news for Bali tourism, which before really slumped and fell into the bottom line. The policy change is contained in the Official Letter Number IMI-0584.GR.01.01 the YEAR 2022 concerning Ease of Immigration to Support Sustainable Tourism During the 2019 Corona Virus Disease Pandemic, which was set on April 27, 2022. Thus the Official Letter from the Director-General of Immigration IMI -0549.GR.01.01 of 2022 concerning Ease of Immigration in the Framework of Supporting Sustainable Tourism during the 2019 Corona Virus Disease Pandemic is revoked and declared invalid.

And also, the head of the Bali Legal and Human Rights Office, Jamaruli Manihuruk, explained that currently there are only nine airports and four cross-border posts designated as entry points for VoA subjects.

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Countries that Receive Indonesia VoA Facilities

VOA facilities will significantly provide convenience for foreign tourists to vacation on the island of Bali. Is your country included in the list? The following are 60 countries that have Visa on Arrival (VoA) facilities:

  • South Africa
  • United States of America
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Dutch
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Bulgaria
  • Czech
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Philippines
  • Finland
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • India
  • English
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Cambodia
  • Canada
  • South Korea
  • Croatia
  • Laos
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Myanmar
  • Norway
  • France
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Qatar
  • Romania
  • New Zealand
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore
  • Cyprus
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Timor Leste
  • China
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Vietnamese Greece.
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Bali is packing to welcome the arrival of tourists.

Bali continues to make preparations to welcome tourists to the island of a thousand temples. Moreover, Bali will accept and receive delegates from the G20 conference. Of course, this requires a lot of preparation, starting with accommodation, transportation, public facilities, and human resources. Bali has done a lot of practices since this tourism reopened. Previously many hotels were closed, but now they have started to open. Likewise, restaurants, bars, and other tourist attractions have spread.

Meanwhile, bookings for tickets and holiday packages to Bali have also increased. The increase in foreign tourist arrivals is predicted to start in July. Furthermore, we can see this progress in guest requests and even hotel reservations, tours, transportation, and other tourism activities.

What to do in Canggu, and Why do Tourists Love it?

What to do in Canggu is a common question for tourists who want to vacation on the island of Bali. This question arises because many foreign tourists review the Canggu area as their favourite place to stay while in Bali. We have found many of these reviews on social media such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And in fact, many tourists also share their experiences of living in the Canggu area in their blogs. It raises many questions and invites others to investigate the area.

We have already acknowledged that the Canggu area is the most preferred area by tourists during their vacation on this paradise island. We can prove during the pandemic that this area is never quite like other tourist areas in Bali. Other tourist areas such as Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ubud, Lovina and even Kuta are quiet because no tourists live there. However, this is much different with Canggu. Canggu still has a life even in difficult times like the covid-19 pandemic.

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What did the Tourists do in Canggu?

The Canggu area has its charm for tourists. This tourist area is very strategically located in the sightseeing area with good and easy access everywhere. From the airport to Canggu it’s only 25 minutes, or from Seminyak, it’s only 5 minutes. Likewise, from Denpasar City, it is only 20 minutes. Meanwhile, other famous tourist attractions such as Tanah Lot, Taman Ayun and Sangeh Monkey Forest are only 15 minutes away. It is the advantage of this area as a place to live on the island of Bali. Next, what tourists do when they live in Canggu and the following are the reviews:


Hangout places in Canggu are widely available with various unique designs to invite guests to enjoy a relaxing time with their colleagues. Each hangout place offers comfort with a variety of snacks and drinks. In addition, the tropical air that surrounds the Canggu area makes tourists very comfortable living in this area.

canggu hangout place, hangout canggu


Canggu offers the best surf spots in Bali, from Berawa Beach, Batubolong, Echo Beach, to Pererenan Beach. In addition, every beach in the Canggu area has a different wave character and all types of surfers like it. For beginner surfers, Batubolong Beach is the right place of choice. Likewise, many surf schools are available with professional surf guides. One of the goals of tourists coming to Bali is to enjoy surfing activities. For that, the right area for them to live in is Canggu. No wonder if we pass through this area, we will find foreign tourists are riding motorbikes while holding a surfboard.

canggu surf, canggu surf point


For tourists who have a long vacation and want to relax on the beach while enjoying the stunning views of the Indian Ocean, then the Canggu area is the best place for them to stay. The beaches in this area have amazing views, especially in the afternoon, you can enjoy a spectacular sunset. So the Canggu area is a warm and interesting tourist area.


Although the Canggu area does not have as many shopping places as other areas in Bali, this area continues to grow. Art shops and boutique shops are already available in this area and offer interesting items to take home.

canggu shopping places, canggu shops


This activity is part of the destination for tourists to come to the Canggu area. Many restaurants are available in this area, offering a variety of cuisines. The main thing about eating places in this area is that the prices are very low and affordable. However, the taste is unquestionable with international tastes. One restaurant that has become a favourite place to dine in is our restaurant, Warung Puri Boga. We offer a variety of menus with delicious flavours. You also get a variety of menu options according to your taste. The taste is good with the local price.

dinning in canggu, canggu restaurants

Finding Affordable Hotels

The Canggu area is a developing tourist area. Many hotels and villas provide accommodation with various classes to accommodate all levels of travellers. A private villa is a right choice For those who prioritize luxury, a private environment with personal service. On the other hand, a low budget hotel is a right choice for those with an affordable budget. We can take a sample of our hotel, The Tunjung Boutique Resort. Our hotel’s location in Tumbak Bayuh and very close to the beach, offers 21 elegant guest rooms. Public facilities such as a swimming pool, free Wi-fi and a restaurant are also available. So, organizing your holiday in Bali is not difficult. Don’t hesitate to contact us to book accommodation or accommodation packages with airport pick-up.

Bali Tourism Return to Normal

Bali tourism has proven to be back to normal with tourist arrivals increasing. We can see this development from tourist visits to Bali’s International Airport to tourist attractions. Domestic tourist visits to this paradise island still dominate. It is because the school holiday season has started. Likewise, foreign tourist visits continue to increase with the addition of the number of direct flights to Bali. It is, of course, very influential with business activities on the island of the gods, which were previously very sluggish. All business in Bali comes from tourism. So, this is the motor of Bali’s economic movement.

The Tunjung Boutique Resort editor once wrote about tourism developments after the COVID-19 pandemic in Bali. The editor has written that Bali tourism will soon return to normal. Today, we can see the situation of tourism development in several areas in Bali. The increase in tourist arrivals has far increased from before. Likewise, hotel room occupancy increases and will be full in the next few months.

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Monitoring Tourist Visits at Tourist Places

The current development of Bali tourism also impacts tourist visits to tourist attractions. Foreign and domestic tourists have started to crowd the tourist spots. The editor’s monitoring of tourist visits has shown that Bali tourism has shown positive developments. The following is a monitoring of tourist visits to several well-known tourist attractions in Bali as a barometer of tourism development on this paradise island.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is a favourite beach in Bali, with white sand stretching 5 kilometres from the Tuban area to Seminyak. This beach has become a tourist attraction for foreign and domestic tourists. This beach offers natural charm with good waves for surfing and stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Also, tourists can swim on the beach and relax while enjoying the sunset. Currently, tourist visits to this beach are already crowded. Visits of foreign and domestic tourists continue to increase every day. It has impacted the economy of the Kuta area, which is famous for its complete tourist attractions ranging from hotels, restaurants, bars, and art shops to nightclubs.

kuta beach

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is one of the famous tourist attractions in the western part of the island of Bali. This place offers a beautiful natural charm with a spectacular sunset. Tourist visits to Tanah Lot have increased rapidly. Currently, tourist visits are 5000 every day. It is much different from the previous situation where the tourist visits were less than 1000 per day. So, this has shown a fantastic improvement.

tanah lot

Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul

In line with the increase in tourist visits to Bali, the Ulun Danu Beratan tourist attraction also increased tourist visits. We can monitor tourists visiting tourist attractions with a temple above this lake. Currently, tourists are booming to visit this place. It is very much different from the previous condition. However, tourist visits are still dominated by domestic tourists.


Canggu is a newly developed tourist area on the island of the gods. This area is the only area in Bali that is never empty of tourists, even during the pandemic. Other tourist attractions in Bali have been quiet during the pandemic. But this is very different with Canggu. Canggu is a favourite area for tourists, especially foreign tourists. This place is also the area where The Tunjung Boutique Resort is located. Canggu has advantages that other places don’t have.

canggu bali, 10 reasons canggu favorite place to stay, place to stay in bali

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GOOD NEWS: No Quarantine Regulations to Bali and Indonesia Starting April 1, 2022

No Quarantine Regulations to Bali is very popular in Bali today. The Indonesian government is currently conducting a trial to enter Bali without quarantine for foreign tourists and Indonesian citizens. Bali became a pilot project before the Indonesian government implemented this policy in all provinces in a country of 17,000 islands.

“Bali has become a pilot project because the implementation rate of the second vaccination is already high compared to other provinces,” said PPKM Java Bali Coordinator Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, Sunday (23/2/2022). “But in the preparation period for March 14, we will continue to accelerate the second dose, elderly, booster,” Luhut continued.

Luhut emphasized that if the trend of COVID-19 cases remained stable amid the lifting of quarantine rules in Bali, this policy would apply to all parts of Indonesia. The target is to start testing for all regions beginning April 1, 2022.

“If the trial in Bali improves, we will expand the no-quarantine policy throughout Indonesia from April 1 or earlier than April 1, 2022,” he explained. “But once again this policy will be based on future pandemic data,” Luhut added.

Bali Tourism Doors Open

This new policy from the government will undoubtedly open a unique atmosphere of Bali tourism suspended since the 2019 pandemic. It has hit the foundation of Bali’s economy, which relies on the tourism sector. The tourism situation in the province of a thousand temples is quiet. And in fact, many businesses in the tourism sector have closed. We can monitor this in all tourist attractions such as Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Sanur, and Ubud. Many hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, art shops, and other businesses are closed. These companies have sent home almost all of their employees because there is no activity.

After running for more than two years, Bali is now getting a breath of fresh air by opening the doors of tourism. So, foreign and domestic tourists are free to enter this paradise island without quarantine. The no-quarantine policy to enter Bali and other areas in Indonesia will significantly help improve Bali’s economy. Previously, Bali only relied on domestic tourists, which didn’t help much. It is also because the national economy has decreased.

Meanwhile, several businesses in the tourism sector have begun to make preparations. Hotels, restaurants, bars, etc., are starting to prepare it now. They slowly began to call their employees back despite the challenging conditions. Of course, this development will depend on the situation in the future.

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Bali’s Readiness with No Quarantine Policy in March 2022

The Balinese government has aggressively implemented CHSE in all sectors, especially tourism. Now, it is slowly starting to improve safety and hygiene. Hotels, bars, nightclubs, etc., have begun to make preparations. They clean their work area after they have left it for more than two years. However, these companies have not fully employed their workforce. Likewise, their working hours are not yet complete. It is because the tourism situation is still quiet. On the other hand, they have to make preparations. So, they are ready to welcome guests if the government has opened the door to Bali tourism.

For example, in the Canggu area, we can see that the activities of workers in the tourism sector have started to move. And in fact, there is a new hotel in Canggu ready to accept bookings in 2022. The Tunjung Boutique Resort is the only new hotel in Canggu established in 2022. Our hotel offers 21 elegant and comfortable guest rooms equipped with international facilities standards. It is great for tourists who want to stay in Bali. They can stay at a resort with a cozy atmosphere in a rural area like Canggu.

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Indonesia Will Change Quarantine Period to 3 Days

The government will reduce the duration of the quarantine period for foreign travellers for both foreign and Indonesian citizens. Previously, the duration of the quarantine period was five days, and now it will reduce it to three days. Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, said this Monday, February 14, 2022. (This is according to a report from He said that, the government would reduce to three days for foreign nationals and Indonesians who had received booster vaccines starting next week.

Luhut also said they were obligate to carry out entry and exit PCR tests. The PCR exit requirements are carried out on the third day in the morning. Overseas travellers can leave the quarantine location when the test result is negative.

Even so, Luhut said, those who have finished quarantine are advised to continue to carry out PCR tests independently on the fifth day. Also, they report their health condition to the nearest health facility.

Reasons for Reducing Quarantine Period to 3 Days

Furthermore, Luhut said that the government would reduce the quarantine period to three days. It starts March 1, 2022, if the situation improves. “If the situation continues to improve and vaccinations continue to increase, then it is possible that on April 1, 2022 or before that, there will no longer be a centralized quarantine. This depends on the pandemic situation and so that we control the spread of the virus,” he said.

Currently, the government is extending the Imposition of Restrictions on Community Activities for Java-Bali until February 21, 2022. However, in this extension, the government provides additional concessions. It includes the arts, cultural and social activities of the community, and public facilities. The government will allow the tourist attractions to increase their visitor capacity to 50 per cent. Previously, the government only allowed 25 per cent.

Good News for Bali Tourism

This policy will affect two sectors, including tourism and foreign business. Like Bali, of course, this will open up opportunities to bring in foreign tourists to vacation on this paradise island. We know that Bali is experiencing an economic downturn due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been going on for more than two years, and the tourism business is down on this island.

Many tourism businesses have closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, art shops, etc. Of course, this will increase the unemployment rate.

The news of the reduction in the quarantine period is a breath of fresh air for the people of Bali. It is a hope for improvement that has begun to appear. However, this depends on the development of the coronavirus, especially the new variant in Indonesia.

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