The Local Unique of Pererenan

Pererenan Beach is one of the best beach in Bali.

Pererenan, an attractive destination, introduces unmatched local and cultural nuances. Pererenan is one of the villages in Bali that is quite popular with foreign tourists. The village’s location close to Canggu means that many tourists are slowly coming to this village. Here, tourists can find several tourist attractions that are the same as Canggu, such as cafes, restaurants, beaches, and hotels. Bali maintains traditional traditions so tourists can feel the local sensation in Pererenan.

Tourists can feel the local feel in Pererenan by seeing how people carry out their daily activities. Apart from that, village communities often carry out traditional ceremonies on a large and small scale. Pererenan is a village that tourists can try to visit while on holiday in Bali. Every area in Bali has a different impression, and this village is no other.

Unveiling The Pererenan’s Charm

Pererenan has beach tourist attractions that are no less than other beaches. Pererenan Beach is the icon of this village, with black and fine sand that attracts tourists’ attention. Apart from tourists, residents also enjoy the beauty of Pererenan Beach. Tourists can see a statue of the Mina Elephant, a characteristic of this beach. The sea waves on the beach are also relatively high, causing many surfers to come. They tried to get their adrenaline pumping by surfing at the beach. Skilled surfers or beginners can spend time here.

Then, tourists can also feel and integrate with the local community in Pererenan. On certain days, people will hold a religious ceremony. Each ceremony has its meaning, for example, the celebration of the Galungan and Kuningan holidays, which celebrate the victory of Dharma over Adharma. The community celebrates Galungan and Kuningan for two weeks. Young people will go around the village during the festival doing superficial Barung Bangkung attractions. Some people will pay them, and they will dance the Barong Bangkung. Tourists can also give them wages voluntarily.

Furthermore, Nyepi celebrations are also part of the Pererenan community. No different from all areas in Bali, Pererenan also celebrates it. Nyepi is a unique celebration because, during the celebration, people must stay at home for a whole day with no activities, no sounds, and no light. Tourists can use this celebration to find peace of mind. One day before Nyepi is Pengerupukan Day, people will make giant Ogoh–Ogoh dolls. Ogoh-Ogoh symbolises bad deeds or a negative aura, so many Ogoh-Ogoh have scary faces. Then, after parading the Ogoh – Ogoh, people will burn it to melt away the negative aura. Tourists can vacation and stay in Pererenan to experience the local feel.

Your Stay at The Tunjung Boutique Resort in Pererenan

Tourists interested in immersing themselves in the rural and local atmosphere of Pererenan Village can choose hotels around the village. Tourists can find various types of accommodation services, from villas to guesthouses and so on. The Tunjung Boutique Resort is a recommendation for tourists who want to experience the sensation of staying in Pererenan. This hotel is in a residential area so that tourists can see local daily activities in Pererenan. The Tunjung Boutique Resort provides several facilities for guest comfort, starting from room facilities and other services. In the rooms, the hotel offers TV, drinking equipment, an electric kettle, hot and cold water, and free WiFi for tourists.

Apart from that, this hotel has a large pool for tourists to relax. Tourists can soak in the swimming pool peacefully while enjoying the bright atmosphere. The hotel also provides sunbeds for tourists who want to relax in the swimming pool without having to swim. Furthermore, several hotel rooms offer a shared kitchen to provide guest comfort. Tourists can create food creations or try recipes while at the hotel. Tourists at The Tunjung Boutique Resort can park their vehicles in the hotel parking area. Lastly, the hotel has a restaurant, Warung Puri Boga. This restaurant serves a variety of menus to satisfy guests.

Tourists don’t need to go far to meet their food needs. At the restaurant, Chicken Satay is a mainstay menu. Tourists can taste delicious chicken satay with sweet and savoury peanut sauce; enjoying chicken satay is incomplete without rice. However, tourists can enjoy and explore the culinary delights near the hotel. There are various cafes and restaurants that tourists can visit in Pererenan . Tourists can also find gyms, yoga, spas, etc.

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