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Surf Up in Bali: Where to Find the Best Hotel Near Top Surf Spots?

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Let’s go Surf up in Bali. Many questions from surfers about where to find the best hotel near the top surf spots in Bali. This article will provide information on where surfers, especially novice surfers, should stay on this paradise island.

Bali is a small and beautiful island that we can visit while on vacation. It is well known throughout the world as a world-class tourist destination. Bali has complete tourist attractions, from the sea, land, and rivers to the mountains. Bali’s nature is truly unique, and many tourists have acknowledged it. Adventure activities are one of the reasons tourists come to Bali. You can enjoy adventure activities on this island with complete options.

Surfing is one of the most popular adventure activities for tourists. This activity is one of the forerunners of activities in the tropics that made Bali famous apart from its culture. This is because Bali has exotic beaches with big waves and is suitable for surfing. The beaches along the island’s south coast have big waves and many surfing spots.

Currently, surfing activities are evenly distributed in almost every surf spot in Bali. So, many tourists want to enjoy surfing on this island of the gods. Likewise, many tourists come to Bali to learn to surf. This is because Bali also has ideal surf spots for learning to surf. Many choices of surf spots make this island the most popular with surfers around the world.

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Surf up in Bali Best Bali Surf Session

Common Question from Beginner Surfers: Where can I find the Best Hotel Near Top Surf Spots?

Surf spots in Bali stretch from east to west of this island. Then, where must they stay to be close to the surf spot? This question often comes from tourists who have never been to Bali. In this article, we can help you by providing information on which region you should live in. This is important because the time to surf is the main point of playing with nature. Likewise, you don’t miss the right momentum to surf in the sea. Because waves for surfing are not always available at any time, this is closely related to weather conditions and seasons. You can travel efficiently so that your time is not wasted. Likewise, the existence of good waves for surfing at a surf spot is short. So, you have to be on time at the surf spot.

Furthermore, choosing a hotel is a significant factor for surfers. If your level is beginner or intermediate, we recommend staying in the Canggu, Seminyak, and Kuta areas. Surf spots in the Kuta and Canggu areas are ideal for beginners. Especially in the Canggu to Tanah Lot areas, these are perfect surf spots for beginners and intermediate levels. Meanwhile, those of you at the professional level can stay in the Uluwatu or Canggu areas because the surf spot at Uluwatu is ideal for pro surfers. Likewise, several surf spots in the Canggu and West Bali areas are suitable for pro-surfers, such as Pererenan Beach, Tukad Balian Beach, and Medewi Beach.

What Hotels Are Ideal for Surfers in Bali?

Many hotels in Bali offer accommodation with a variety of choices and services. Hotel rooms are not the leading choice for surfers, especially on their journey. The most important thing is that the location is close to surf spots and easy to access. They chose a simple and comfortable hotel. We can find shared rooms at a surf camp where several surfers can occupy one room.

The Tunjung Boutique Resort is one of the ideal hotels to stay at for surfers. Our hotel’s location is very strategic in the Canggu area. Our hotel is near famous surf spots, including Berawa Beach, Batubolong, Pererenan, Nyanyi, Tanah Lot, and Kedungu. All of that only takes 15 – 25 minutes from our resort. Meanwhile, we have 21 comfortable rooms with a swimming pool and a large parking area. Also, our restaurant provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner services. So, every guest who stays at our hotel will be comfortable during their stay.

So, what are you waiting for? Please get in touch with our team to get the right offer.

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