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Plan Your Ramadan Idul Fitri in Bali: Book Your Accommodation Now Before It’s Too Late!?

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Ramadan Idul Fitri in Bali is an event that Muslims in Indonesia have been waiting for. Ramadan (Idul Fitri) is a big holiday for Muslims which they celebrate every year around the world, including in Indonesia. The total population of Indonesia in 2023 is 276,639,440 people. Most of Indonesia’s population are Muslims and will celebrate the holiday together. Generally, they travel to tourist spots, and Bali Island is their favorite place. We can already imagine the number of domestic tourists coming to this island of the gods in that period. Not only Muslims but even other people will also visit Bali. This is because the Indonesian government made Ramadan a national holiday.

For this reason, Bali has improved and prepared its tourism infrastructure and facilities well. This starts with tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants, recreation areas, etc. However, room supplies will also remain limited, considering the number of tourists visiting Bali has increased since Covid-19. We can see this as tourist arrivals at Ngurah Rai Airport continue to grow. Foreign tourists from this island come from all over the world, most of whom are Asia Pacific tourists. Indeed, we admit that Bali has many accommodations at this time. We can see this in the recent construction of hotels, villas, apartments, and homestays. In the Canggu area, for example, we can see the structure of villas, hotels, and homestays in almost all of this area.

Does Bali Still Have Rooms for the Ramadan Period?

Most hotels, villas, and small accommodations in Bali, especially in the southern part of this paradise island, already hold high bookings. This is because tourists are worried that they will not be able to book rooms during Ramadan like in their previous experience. It is difficult for tourists to book rooms during this period because they are often late in making reservations. So, they don’t get the space they want when arriving on Bali island. From our records, the occupancy of hotels and villas during the Idul Fitri/Ramadan period this year, April 20-24, 2023, is already high, for tourists who want to take a vacation during this period are expected to book a hotel room as soon as possible. So, they have a guarantee of the space they will occupy.

Meanwhile, the Tunjung Boutique Resort still has rooms for that period. If you want to have a vacation and don’t bother thinking about spaces, you should make an order immediately. For that, please get in touch with our team via this website or directly via Whatsapp at +62-81246645640.

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Kuta Beach Crowded during Ramadan Idul Fitri

When Planning Ramadan Idul Fitri in Bali, Where Can Tourists Get a Comfortable Stay at an Affordable Price?

You can find accommodation in almost all areas of Bali Island. This indicates that Bali has many options for places to stay. However, southern Bali is a favorite place to visit. This includes Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Sanur and Ubud. Most of the hotels and villas in this area are almost fully booked. So this will make it difficult for travelers to find available rooms. You must immediately find the hotel room you want without wasting more time.

The Canggu area is currently the most hit because Canggu is a place where tourists can express their wishes on holiday in Bali; you can find restaurants with various flavors of world cuisine, beautiful boutique shops with souvenirs, and world-class beach clubs. Meanwhile, hotels, villas, and homestays are scattered in this area. This is because Canggu is strategically located, giving easy access to famous tourist attractions in Bali. Besides that, most hotels, villas, and homestays in the Canggu area are affordable. Likewise, comfort and safety are significant factors in providing accommodation in Canggu and the other regions of Bali.

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