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Master Chef Cooking Competition – Bali Team Building Activity

Master Chef Cooking Competition is an exciting team-building activity by leading group members to cook within a certain time. This activity is exciting and challenging. The group organizer has divided into several small groups, and a challenge from our game master is to cook according to the recipes they get. Meanwhile, all team members must create dishes according to the clue.

Team building is an outdoor activity for incentive groups or families to build teamwork and achieve goals. This cooking competition is ideal for outdoor group activities because it gets all participants involved. Meanwhile, Master Game collaborated with our chef to create special recipes as a challenge for each group in this activity.

Master Chef Cooking Competition Game phase


Each team will be challenged to make an appetizer according to the recipe they got from our Master Game. Every individual will understand and know every ingredient in this dish. Collaboration, communication, and adaptation are the keys to this activity. Meanwhile, time/duration is a border that limits your movement, so you must do it effectively and efficiently.


The second phase of this team-building activity requires carefulness in understanding recipes. Each team must know and understand the ingredients in this food recipe. This activity requires strong teamwork, communication, and creativity.

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This is the last phase in this Cooking Competition activity. Each team will get a challenge to create a dessert with an attractive taste and presentation. Time or duration is a challenge in this phase. Thus, each team must be able to make dessert within a certain time.

Enjoy Your Togetherness with Your Team on the Paradise Island of Bali.

Your team-building activity ends with an assessment by the judges on each of your dishes. Your togetherness continues over lunch or dinner if you so choose. Alternatively, we also provide options if this activity does not include lunch or dinner.

The Master Chef Cooking Competition is Bali’s top choice for unique activities for group agendas. We are ready to help you realize this event at a predetermined location, or we will come to your location. Of course, terms and conditions apply.

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