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Huationg Contractor Group Cooking Competition

huationg contractor, group cooking competition

Huationg Contractor Group is one of our customers who enjoy unique and challenging activities. The Master Chef Cooking Competition is a team-building activity currently popular in Bali. This activity provides a challenge for each team to make dishes according to the recipes of our Chef. Our customers came with 56 people using a Volkswagen Car from the hotel to the event venue. This adds to the excitement of their outdoor agenda in Bali, which we have designed with excitement, fun, and togetherness.

Meanwhile, our partner Bali Group Organizer has arranged their journey from the hotel to the venue. Likewise, we held this cooking competition at a royal palace in Bongkasa. It is about 1 hour from their hotel.

Special Balinese Recipe Challenge

bali cooking competition, team building

This time, we provide a special challenge for all participants. We lead them to make authentic Balinese dishes. This has made the participants curious to know the ingredients and how to cook them. Of course, our chef is on standby to help and direct them to make dishes.

There are 3 phases in this team-building activity, namely the appetizer, main course, and dessert phases. Meanwhile, the Bali Group Organizer had previously formed several small teams, making it easier for us to guide them in this activity. They were very enthusiastic about participating in every phase of this cooking competition.

Chef with Balinese Costume in Group Cooking Competition

This team-building activity was held at a royal palace in Bongkasa Village, Mengwi District, Badung Bali. All our personnel wears Balinese costumes to combine the concept of the Royal Palace where the event takes place. It also gives a different and unique picture. Usually, our chefs wear the style of the ordinary chef. But this time, we are wearing Balinese clothes.

In addition, the hospitality in the service we provide to our customers has made them very happy to participate in this outdoor activity. This is a positive credit for us to provide excellent service to each of our customers in the future. Likewise, we are proud to use this experience as a reference for you to make a similar agenda in Bali. For that, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

balinese cooking class, bali group cooking class

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