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How Tourists Drive Scooters After Bali’s Governor Prohibition?

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Lately, a lot of news about the activities of foreign tourists who violate the rules on the island of Bali has appeared in online daily news and social media. This has attracted much attention from the people of Bali and Indonesia. The behavior of foreign tourists who do not follow government regulations, Balinese customs, and cultural norms. It has created polemics for the Balinese people. Their violations included driving a scooter without a helmet and clothes. There are also indecent activities in areas sacred to Hindus, such as going completely naked on the peak of Mount Agung.

Some foreign tourists conduct illegal businesses such as renting motorbikes, opening driving courses, selling vegetables, and prostitution. In addition, many of them overstay and carry out activities that are not by their visa permits. It is like teaching Balinese dance to foreign tourists even though the visa is a business investor visa.

Several foreign tourists make petitions because of the crow of the cock where raising chickens is one of Balinese culture. On the other hand, some foreign tourists act as surf instructors, and all these actions are not by the residence permit. Likewise, these activities have taken on the business activities of local people. Of course, this is not what Bali expects as a world tourist destination.

Incompatible With Cultural Immersion

This disturbed residents, so the local government cooperated with the police and immigration to take action against those who violated it. Likewise, the Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster, emphasized prohibiting foreign tourists from riding scooters to travel in the Bali area and suggested using travel services. Koster gave reasons and data that many foreign tourists had traffic accidents because they committed many violations. In addition, they are also not proficient at riding motorbikes like the locals, so they cause many accidents.

And in fact, the governor of Bali asked the central government in Jakarta to revoke VOA status for foreign tourists. All of these reactions refer to the actions of naughty tourists who do not follow Balinese culture. Besides that, Bali tourism is culture-based tourism that is well-known worldwide. And everyone who vacations on this island must respect it.

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Tourists Drive Scooters in Bali

Is the Tourists Drive Scooters Regulation Already Applicable?

The Bali governor’s proposal has received a lot of responses from the Balinese. Most of the Balinese agreed to the proposal. However, this is still under consideration by the Indonesian government. And in fact, the Minister of Tourism and Culture of Indonesia will review the submission until the correct formulation is found. So, we can say that the ban on foreign tourists from driving scooters has not been implemented in Bali. Foreign tourists can still ride scooters but must comply with police regulations, such as wearing a helmet and wearing clothes when riding a motorbike.

In addition, immigration and police continue to increase surveillance of foreigners. This is to maintain security and control of foreign tourists from illegal activities. Indonesian immigration has deported 620 foreign tourists, including those that have gone viral in Bali. And unfortunately, they have to leave Indonesia because of their sinful behavior. The government and the Balinese expect that every foreign tourist on vacation in Bali must comply with the rules and norms in Bali. Likewise, never abuse your entry permit (visa) during your holidays in Indonesia. So they can enjoy their holiday on this island of the gods safely and comfortably.

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