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G20 Summit 2022 Will Still Be Held in Bali

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The Governor of Bali stated that the Indonesian government would continue to hold the G20 Summit 2022 in Bali. Previously, Secretary I of the G20 Meeting Implementation Committee for Logistics had issued a letter number S-3/G.20.33/2022 dated January 19, 2022. The letter stated that the committee moved 2 meeting agendas from Bali to Jakarta due to the development of COVID-19, especially the Omicron variant. 2 meeting agendas will move to Jakarta. This includes the 2nd FCBD (Finance and Central Bank Deputy) and the 1st FMCBG (Finance Minister Central Bank Governor).

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The Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster, stated that the transfer of the meeting agenda did not necessarily move the entire agenda. The main meeting agenda will still be held in Bali, and most of the 150 agenda meetings will be held in Bali. So, Bali remains the venue for the G20 Summit 2022. Previously, the president of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo, also stated that Bali will be the main venue for the G20 Summit 2022.

One of the agenda for the G20 Summit Bali Meeting will be on the Beach

The province of Bali will hold the G20 Summit 2022 in a different atmosphere from the previous event. The governor revealed that Bali plans to prepare an outdoor area on the beach for the G20 meeting venue. Likewise, the committee also asked the participants not to wear formal clothes like a state meeting. So, the clothes will be casual to show a different atmosphere.

He explained that the selection of the outdoor venue is in line with the wishes of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). Indonesia, as the organizer of the G20, must hold an event with a new atmosphere. “Mr. President as the G20 presidency and wants to prepare the G20 as well as possible,” he said. “Giving a different taste, Mr. Jokowi doesn’t want to be just like that,” he added.

As we know, Bali is a world-class tourist destination because of its unique culture and beautiful nature. Therefore, the G20 meeting this time must be different and beautiful, giving a pleasant impression to every participant.

g20 summit, g20 summit 2022

When will the G20 Summit in Bali be held?

In accordance with the previous schedule, the committee will conduct the G20 Summit 2022 in Bali on November 15-16, 2022. However, the series of meetings started in December 2021. The event will hold 150 meeting agendas, and Bali will be the main venue for most of them. When the media asked about the meeting materials, Wayan Koster said that he didn’t know them yet. This is because the meeting materials are the domain of the Finance Minister of the Indonesian Republic.

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