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Cooking Competition is the most popular team-building agenda for incentive groups or families. Stryker Corporation is one of our customers who has done this exciting activity. We provide several challenges for each of the small teams they previously formed. And also work with Bali Group Organizer, a well-known event organizer company in Bali with more than two decades of experience.

We have designed this team-building activity with the event organizer to make this memorable event happen. Our partnership has created a unique collaboration by combining the VW Safari Treasure Hunt with the Cooking Competition. You rarely find this activity in Bali because only an experienced team can make it happen.

Fantastic Group Even at Gunung Payung

We are holding this Cooking competition event at Gunung Payung, which takes about 45 minutes from our hotel and restaurant. We have carefully prepared every line in this team-building agenda. So, every participant can enjoy this outdoor activity with pleasure. An impressive group event on a white cliff with views of the Indian Ocean.

The Challenge of Cooking Competition to Create Authentic Balinese Cuisine

This is a big challenge for group participants who have never known local Balinese cuisine. Game Master challenges each team to create dishes according to our Chef’s recipes. They have created three dishes in 3 predefined phases. And all have succeeded with the taste and creative presentation of each team.

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