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Awakening Bali Tourism since the Pandemic

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The awakening of Bali tourism was marked by the opening of direct international flights to Bali. This has made the Balinese very happy because it will improve their economy. Bali Rise, Tourism Rise This is the hope of the Balinese working in the tourism sector. They are tired of dealing with situations like this because tourism has been sluggish for years. And in fact, many companies are closing and repatriating their employees.

The opening of direct flights to Bali is one of the steps the Indonesian government is taking to revive almost-dead Bali tourism. The flight that has opened a direct route to Bali is Garuda Indonesia, with the Narita—Denpasar route starting on February 3, 2022. Meanwhile, the Singapore airline also plans to reopen Singapore—Bali flights starting on February 16, 2022. Of course, this will greatly affect tourism in Bali and give a lot of hope to the Balinese people.

The First Japanese Guest Has Arrived in Bali

When Garuda Airlines first landed at Denpasar Airport from Narita, Japanese tourists were seen leaving the airport door. This is the first Japanese tourist to arrive on the island of the gods since the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia. The Balinese and local officials were very happy to welcome these tourists, and they immediately underwent quarantine at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Nusa Dua.

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The arrival of Japanese tourists in Bali is a green light for awakening Bali tourism. This is a positive development for Bali’s economic revival after it slumped 2 years ago. However, the government and Balinese people remain vigilant over the spread of the Coronavirus, especially the Omicron variant. Meanwhile, the government has emphasized that the Balinese people must be disciplined in implementing health protocols to prevent the spread of this virus.

Similarly, almost all Balinese have got twice of vaccine to increase immunity from this virus. And even now, the Balinese people are undergoing the third vaccination process (vaccination booster) to protect them from virus attacks.

The Rise of Tourism Will Revive Bali’s Economy

We cannot deny that Bali is very dependent on the tourism sector. The revival of tourism will boost Bali’s economy. Currently, hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, and other tourist attractions have begun to take steps. This will certainly call back their staffs that have been home since they closed their business.

Of course, this will bring Bali back to life, especially in the tourism sector. Previously, most of the tourism businesses in Bali fell and closed due to the pandemic. Almost all the guests disappeared in an instant when the first cases of covid-19 appeared in China. This continued for 2 years and made Bali’s economy drop drastically. We hope that the world situation, especially in Bali, will be better than before. So, we do not hesitate to serve our guests and customers in the future.

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